How to make your wedding extra personal!!

Personalizing your wedding can be tricky! There may be some obvious things that you could do to make your wedding stand out to be yours within a crowd of amazing weddings! There are tons of things to do to set your wedding a part though, you just have to think deep down what will actually set apart your very special day from others. There are decorations that can be hand made or certain gifts that can remind people of you and your relationship!

There are a couple simple things you can do like put monogram letters on a napkin, table setting, pictures, take aways and s much more!! You can also put some special quotes to you on a frame somewhere or put it on a table, you can get a special cake topper with your names on it and have that be he centre piece of room, there are adorable ways you can also show your personality, make a hanger that has a name in it so you will never forget, take pictures that are innovative and have a different dynamic then other wedding or event pictures (search for the right photographer), or you can simple write notes on the bottom of your shows to see and look back on how exactly you were feeling on the day! Something as simple as a location or a colour scheme can also make it personal for you individually!

So many personal things that you can add to make your wedding the best it can be for you and your partner!!