Colour scheme: Black and white wedding!!

Having a colour scheme for your wedding is a nice additive to make the whole thing amazing and just as you wanted! Black and white colour schemes are not ones that are thought of on a regular basis but they can be truly amazing, they can have colour without even adding any colour, they can have patterns, they can have a gradient to add the interest visually! There can also be a pop of colour within the scheme, they can have the sense of isolation within a colour, only showing one colour within florals or within an accent on a table setting or within the bridal party, they can make the centre of attention on them or the certain thing that you are trying to show off!

Black and white can be very isolating and can have their perks and downfalls but so can all other colours! If you see black and white as classy and elegant colours that you would like in your wedding why not go for it and have a bouquet of all white roses to show the elegance! These colours are also very modern and new becasue they arent shown as much as other colour schemes. Event weddings that are just white or black themed can have an impact on looking modern and fresh, they are a new take on colours and shades being incorporated into weddings!

Personally I love the white, I believe white is an amazing shade and can have so many opportunities to show off other attributes of the wedding or event you are trying to plan! If you have a personal preference to a colour or a certain type of way to display it then you can achieve it for sure!! Make your dreams a reality!!