Celebrating life, love and passion

When passion rules your heart and flowers take your breath away, life will always be beautiful and full of hope.
— Margarita Oudalova

Thank you for reading, sharing and experiencing our blog.  From the get go you should know that OUDLAOVA EVENTS & DESIGN was first and for most established from the passion to create.

The passion for creating beauty, creating breathtaking florals and beautiful ambiance. Creating lasting memories and experiences, creating striking visuals and sensibilities. 

This week I have celebrated my 35th birthday, and to tell you the truth at first I wasn't sure what to write about. I wasn't sure how to express this new beginning, this start to a fresh decade. But lets face it,  when you create your whole life, it seems the only thing you COULD talk about is CREATION and its impact on your own life.

Today I am thankful for having the guts to follow my guts ( no pun intended) and establishing this beautiful passion I call my business, my creative agency, my baby (besides my two beautiful boys)

I am so thankful for being able to "create" my whole life,  for being supported and loved by my family and close friend for my artistic talents and style. To say the least,  I am ecstatic when clients tell me " you are more passionate about our project that we are!" -  my heart then is at ease,  because anything I do to get my self from point A to the final product, comes from the love of the creative process. That love then comes from my passion towards creating, and so Its a constant circle of artistic fusion and lust for big over the top visuals.

I can't help it. Its kinda in my veins.

I would love for you to join us and see where we go from here....

So come say hi, join our INSTAGRAM, follow our TWITTER, or subscribe to our bi weekly quick love notes - as my self and my beautiful team share our design, style, decor and lifestyle recommendations, tips and tidbits with you.

Here is to another decade of love, passion and creations. May all your beautiful artistic, event and wedding dreams come true.

For the love of beauty,