Keep it simple!

When planning a wedding or event there is one special thing to keep in mind and that is to not over do it!! there can be a lot of decorations and a lot of decisions that need to be made when it comes to the theme and colours of the whole event!

This is a big deal, your wedding day is special and should be seen as everything you've ever wanted! When you try to put in so much of yourself into the wedding with colours and decorations and everything that you can get your hands on! Sometimes you need to take a step back and simple it down to make the wedding or event not so extravagant or a lot to handle for the guests and to much to look at. Sometimes this can be confusing, if you don't have one defined theme or colour scheme it can work in some instances, but sometimes it is just too much and it becomes overwhelming!

Most modern weddings are simple and have the feeling of modern and chic within them with one accent colour along side white or a cream, they usually incorporate a lot of greens in plants and succulents! They are lovely and show a true sense of simplicity, they are amazing and are so chic and not overwhelming at all! You just need to learn what you truly want to portray within your wedding or event and then make sure you can execute correctly!