Farm Weddings!

Farm weddings are very on trend right now, you don't even have to fully commit the the farm appeal to have a farm wedding anymore! you can glam it up or keep it dressed down for the day to keep the aesthetic of the farm! These farms do not have to include all the animals, they can just be a large patch of land that you take advantage of, you can even use a barn to hold a different aspect of the wedding for instance either the ceremony or the reception!

So many options to do different thing on a farm! When you think of farm weddings you usually think of rustic weddings, that are in the country side and they have beautiful scenery, they usually come equipped with loads of greenery! You can definitely dress them up, add some different colours and add different accents in there to make the visual more appealing with what you want! Of course you don't have to add anything, you can just use the nature and add more wood accents to make the whole feel of the venue more rustic but classy at the same time! If there is a Barn for sure you can add some different lighting and make the barn not so rustic, but more of a glam up vibe! The conflict of the classic chandelier in a barn is my all time favourite decoration!

The barn and farm wedding trend is amazing, it can be used to hold whatever you like, the possibilities are endless! You don't even have to be a country person to enjoy this wedding!