All about that tent!

Having a tent wedding is not the first option most people think of when planning a wedding! They are usually thought of as being big and one toned, with no decorations and just a plain white covering! That is all false! You can make tents absolutely beautiful! The decor can be whatever you would like, there can be florals everywhere, you can put up lights, anything!! This is the perfect wedding for anyone who wants the perfect combination of nature and the outdoors and an indoor feel!

A tent can also be used of the wedding and reception or just one, there can be partially covered parts and then fully covered parts as well! You can have options on where to sit and where the dance floor is, the design of the floor plan can vary with the size of the tent or the venue.

For the fabric you can have the traditional tent or you can choose to have a more rustic look to it and make the fabric flowing an more of an open feel with still being enclosed! You can have a lounge area, chandeliers, flooring, you name it and it can probably be done for the tent wedding you'd always wished for! Just make sure you have the proper heating or cooling tools incase the weather for your special day is either on the colder side or on the warmer side!