Backdrop ideas for your perfect day!

Backdrops are amazing and a great compliment to the couple sitting or standing in front of it! They can execute the amazing themes that you have chosen for your wedding or event! They make for great pictures and great memories, you just have to make sure that the background does not overpower you on your beautiful day!

Our favourite backdrops? Flowers, flowers and more flowers!!! You can shape florals to look like a heart or look like they're defying gravity, for example a floral wall! They are always amazing! You can even play with the idea of a string of florals, keeping it simple but beautiful. Within the background you don't just have to keep it to florals you can mix in other attributes, have florals as a side point of view! Another lovely side element is to have flowing sheer fabric, that always adds elegance and fresh feelings to the wedding or event! Adding lights behind you can make for great pictures and also has you stand out infant of the backdrop, the fabric and lights combination is also one of my favourites! There are so many opportunities for great colour to be added and for great visual appeal!

There are really endless possibilities to add an amazing background!!