Catching up on trends!

There have been a lot of trends that have already become big in 2016, they have been seasonal and non seasonal trends that can be used an time. The trends have been varying from modern to rustic and everywhere in between!

Most of the modern trends have to do with the time and the trends that are happening in other aspects of the world, like fashion and style; they are big influencers in the wedding industry.

Floral walls are very in, they can be either hanging from the walls or from the ceiling, both are very in right now at this moment especially because of the summer and the beautiful florals that are available right now!

A hair trend would have to be the high classic ballerina bun, the vail can be perfect for this look and it is sleek and elegant! They can also be loose buns, even a low bun! Buns are so in right now! During the summer months it is a good look because the warmer weather helps with the hair and keeping it out of your face on a special day!

A nice treat for your wedding or event that is one trend right now would have to be donuts! they are all the rage right now! there are donuts everywhere!! Fancy colourful donuts are the best colourful treat for your guests!

Copper of course is in trend, who doesn't love a good metallic additive to any event! they are just so modern and chic but can be dressed down to be rustic or vintage! There are metallic press ons that are very popular on the invitations or thank you card that you give out! they can go right with the theme of your wedding or event to make people remember your amazing day even more!

Drone photography is really popular these days, they have new ways of achieving the birds eye view! Truly amazing to be able to capture the view of your wedding or event, it is creative and innovative!

There are so many more trends that are yet to come within 2016, this has been a great year so far!!