Wedding Confetti?

Some people may be wary of having confetti at they wedding or event! they might think it is to messy or childish! I think it adds a perfect touch of colour and fun to anything!! Confetti makes everyone excited and helps set the mood for your amazing day!

They work great outside with a summer wedding to help with the sun and the weather! They are a bit vintage and fun, they can really reflect the way you are as a person! Confetti explores the random and colourful season of summer or even in winter they work well! Its a great way to get your guests involved, they can help by showering you with confetti and making the day more eventful for them showing them that they are proud and can be adding something to that day!

Confetti can be in an colour, they can be brighter in the summer and darker toned in the winter to add some colour to a wedding! it also depends on the venue you use if they allow you to have some, and the colour scheme of your wedding to see if confetti would be too much colour or it would be something nice to add onto your monochromatic wedding or event!