The perfect Indie inspired wedding!

Indie is all about that cool feeling you get when you see something or someone, it radiates cool but simple tones! It is close to and often mistaken as bohemian but it is not the same, they both ahem slight differences! Indie is kind of the modern chic in a way, it is colourful but not to out there colourful, they are subtle and subdued!

Simple and chic is all the indie is about, some quirky accents! Indie also included some rocker aspects, they can have the feeling of a rustic wedding! These themed weddings can really depend on the type of person who is having the wedding, they determine what type of extreme the indie wedding is going to, there can be subtle hints of indie and then other aspects could be typical wedding things without a twist!

The colours are mostly subtle and subdued colours, they aren't usually bright and vibrant, most are darker colours or dulled down colours! They look amazing in the autumn when the weather is a bit darker and the leaves are changing and the sun is perfectly out, the dark reds and darker purples are great!! Also the great atmospheres for the colours and the styles are amazing in the autumn!

Indie weddings are truly rustic but have modern chic twists!