The perfect kate spade inspired wedding!

Kate spade is a lifestyle brand that exhibits the perfect balance of chic and modern with classic and edgy! It is bold and beautiful, the colours and the feelings you get from a kate spade event are out of this world! Kate spade carries everything from jewelry to hand bags to clothing for casual events and more event attire events!

Having a kate spade themed wedding is a trend at the moment because the late spade brand is booming! there are tons of colours and tons of different florals that can be used, there can be a mixture of patterns and its amazing! Stripes and poke dots are amazing with this brand and exciting it correctly, there are also a lot of gold and black accents as well! Just making sure that everything is colourful and modern but vibrant and still classic within silhouettes and settings!

These weddings are amazing for any floral arrangements, depending on the season the colours might change to match the themes! It is perfect for any wedding; its good for any season, indoor or outdoor…. just perfect!!