Autumn is here!!

Since it is the beautiful crisp weather of autumn or fall as some might say why not take a little to realize the beauty of all the colours and florals that you can use to express this season! The colours are beautiful, the nature is amazing the weather is the perfect mix between hot and cold so it makes it nice to layer and all things that we all love!

Fall is the time when you can have beautiful pictures in the outdoors near some trees that are changing colour perfectly, these are beautiful with wedding colours that are on the darker side, for example dark burgundy or dark blue and browns! There are also so many great places that are outdoors to hold an event! You can do so much in fall; there are certain things you have to look out for when it comes to weather like the cold or wind, or even rain! Lets be honest who doesn't like the pumpkin patch or the idea of seeing family, or even wearing chunky knit sweaters because you can!!

Fall fashion is up there with some of my favourite, you can add additional layers that will help keep you warm but with the sun you can peal back when you get to warm, it is amazing!! The chunky scarves and blanket scarves, they're just all so amazing and comfortable, I really believe that this season is the season of comfort. When you can wear big comfy socks and sit reading a book with some coffee just looking at beautiful scenery!! Its just all so magical!!

Enjoy your first weeks of fall!!