Cinderella Themed Weddings!!

Who doesn't love a good fairytale? Everyone loves a childhood classic! Even if you don’t like the full idea of a a princess dress and all the glitter that would come along with it, you can still have a fairy tale wedding and enjoy it like a princess in your own way!

You can always incorporate pretty floral and dashes of pink in your table settings or the theme, you can go full out or you can have subtle hints to make it magical to find for guests and for yourself!! There can obviously be a lot of glitter and shining things because you want to for sure incorporate that extra boop into the day!!

You can always throw in a pumpkin and explore the literal route of cinderella like the disney movie!! There can be fairy god mothers and everything along those lines! The bridesmaids can dress in the colours of the fairy god mothers, you can even play around with your wedding pictures and act like you're loosing a slipper walking up the stairs and have your significant other follow after you!

There are so many ideas that you can consider when you want a cinderella wedding, unless you don't like glitter and pink… then make it your own!!