My clients always ask me what exactly that I do? As in what and who exactly is an Event Designer? What is their role? How is an Event Designer different than a Florist? A Decorator? A Stylist? This is how I explain it to them:  I'm your vision creator & executor and your Cherry on top!

These days the event/wedding industry is such that - it really is about the next hottest venue, the best offered furniture (that are included of course) or which venue offers the best designed cuisine, best architectural elements and features... shall we go on?  It make sense, we all want the bestest, the newest and the most beautiful for our wedding.

So..... Here you have it. You got a venue and a special space for your wedding or event. This is where I come in,  your Event Designer, I will take these naked bones of a venue (with all its glory) and we will look through its features (good ones and bad ones) and the floor plans and we'll get designing.

The next step is divided in two parts: First part is where we will see what we can use within what is given to you (based on what package that you have chosen with the venue) and what we are able to utilize? What items/corners/nooks/linens/furniture etc.. go along our (by now designed) wedding concept. The second part is then putting the cherry on top....... so lets break that one down.

When designing a space - and that is a biggy guys please note - we will be creating a one wholesome "feeling " at the wedding or one big "boom" in your face type of an element that will leave guests speechless (or both if we are lucky)  Now let me also tell you that is not necessarily the head table, it could be a suspended ceiling made out of flowers or crystals or feathers (I could go on ....) or it could be a floor made out of mirrors, it could be lighting and fog machine, it could be only candlelight, it could be where the wedding is located (beach, winery, barn, on top of a pool). So you see that an Event Designer- myself and my team - we will be that Cherry On Top that I am talking about - is all up to us - to create. We will finish off your day with a special touch of something that is only you.

This is what we do in Event Design, we kinda think of everything.

Florals + Design + Decor + Vision = your wedding concept at its finest!  Wedding are made with special people on a special occasion, they make you feel and they also need to be felt. Never forget that.

xo Margo