One Last look at 2016

As we are about to head towards a crazy packed weekend of meeting new brides, meeting new vendors and seeing old friends, seeing some of the new collections of upcoming Bridal Lines, I think its the best time to look back ( even just for a quick second) and literally engulf yourself in the beauty of your memories. Not ponder, not sit in nostalgia, but literally just enjoy what has happened, and be so oh fully aware of where you have come to - till this point. Bravo. To all of you. 2017 feels good doesn't it?

Here is a look at some of our work from last year, its wonderful, its magical really truly. And every time I sit here and scroll through pictures, you know what I see? You know what I remember?  I remember the inside jokes me and Olya cracked up to keep us going, the crazy amount of coffees and teas consumed during that season, the 1 am crazy texts to my team mates and the wild set ups, the fun (and super stupid, and for real hallucinating tear-downs) I can never forget the bajillion amounts of selfies and of course videos taken (that I hope never see the light of day), ah now those are the days, those are moments no one can ever write into a reality show.

And I wouldn't change it for the world, we need more memories like this 2017, you hear? 


xo Margo

Margarita Oudalova

OUDALOVA Events & Design , 38 Sylwood Crescent, Vaughan, ON, L6A 2R1, Canada