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Hi guys, its so nice to be back talking to you about all things beautiful. I missed writing, really truly and since our last blog we have so many unique and creative projects happening, as well as been meeting amazing people and  seeing stunning new spaces and places that I feel I simply must share with you.

So here I am thinking of where to start this off once again and I started looking into our 2018 season - and I thought you  you know what? I cannot  do it this without first looking back at our top 10 most sexy weddings of 2017.

Enter Kleenex Wedding.

And this is what happens when you get hired by Kleenex to take their social media ads to a whole new level. So here the scoop, my friend Nadin  spoke of our company to the creative team at her work (she works at an ad agency) She maybe have mentioned that we kinda mastered the #flowerwall movement and can make pretty much anything out of anything. ( we kinda are known as the mother of all installers) 

So next this you know, we start talking about their concept and  basically started working on their Summer Wedding season Commercial. What they wanted to create is some sort of a statement piece  or a wall for it but the key was that the product we used/ the flowers   (well at least 90% of the material ) had to be made out of Kleenex flowers and some greenery. I was like okayyyyyyyyy let me think about it for a second  (cause before I say anything I want to make sure that I got the construction down, right???) So anyway after a long daligation and back and forth we narrowed it down to a huge 10’x 13’ floral wall at the head table (yeezy influence in the house or what, ginormous white flower wall it is) 

So lets cut to the chase, it took me and my team 3 weeks to construct this wall, we did it in parts, I think in total we had 4 panels. We first constructed the tissues florals, glues, stapled, wired, you name it we did it ( man those were some hard core wrist action) so yes after 3 weeks it was all done and ready for installation. But to make things more exiting, I’m kinda known to take it to the next level, after all the combination of the silk flowers, the Kleenex roses and the faux greenery, we decided to add vertical Fresh White phelaenopsis orchids that would literally drip down off of the wall.  The texture on that wall was so juicy and delicious even though  all textures were all white! 

We had other Kleenex touches throughout the wedding, like for example we had individual Kleenex packages put in white boxes with a little Thank you note on them. And for the purpose of continuity we placed some  Kleenex roses inside the live low floral centerpieces on the guests tables as well.

This project was by far one of my top 10 highlights of 2017 -  I had to write about it as not only  the couple became very special to my heart  and we literally became family and continue to work on their special event together,  my whole team had a blast putting the room together for Ali and Rhonda, and I am so thankful for that experience. 

So to take away anything from this would be:  

1) anything can be made out of anything. LOLZ. legit.  

2) an all white wedding can never, ever, ever be out of style. 

3) I believe and strongly recommend  that brides surround themself with the right Event Design Team on their wedding day as literally magic can happens on the most important day of your life, trust them and leave it up to the professionals to guide our vision on to the space. 

You can stroll down to see all the unique details of the florals them self, the head table and wedding design in general.  And in the end  of course we put the beautiful video for you guys  to watch,  hope you enjoy it!!! 

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xoxo Margarita Oudalova  

Event Design, Productionj & Styilng: OUDALOVA Events & Design Inc Wedding Venue: The Manor by Peter and Paul Dress: Ferre Sposa Bridal

Margarita Oudalova

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