Household items that can save your big day

Even with months of planning and perfect execution, mistakes and accidents can happen the day of your big event… in fact, in most cases they WILL happen!

But that’s okay.. Stay calm and keep moving! With perfect planning these little accidents can be fixed without breaking a sweat. Plan an emergency kit to help you fix any small detail that may go wrong and leave this kit with your trusty helper for the day of the event.

What do we put in this kit? Here are some suggestions!

• Scissors (fabric and regular) • Ribbon or string • A lighter (for candles) • Fabric pins and safety pins • A mini sewing kit • Crazy glue • Measuring tape • Tape and double sided tape • Tide to go • Lint roller

These small household items can be a game-changer when you are in desperate need! Our team here at Ouda Lova events and design carry these items with us at all times in case of an emergency!

Just stay composed and remember that proper planning can make all the difference!