10 tips to save money on your wedding!

Weddings these days can run you a pretty big tab, but by trying to save a few dollars here and there, it will all add up and make a big difference in the end.

do you want to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank?

Well here’s some tips on how to do that...

1.Hire a wedding planner: Although you pay a wedding planner a fee, you could end up saving more money by going this route. Wedding event planners will know more people in the industry and will get better pricing for you. A wedding planner can ensure you are getting the best of the best vendors and will negotiate prices on your behalf and leave you stress and worry free

2. Choose digital invites:

Although hand-crafted invites are beautiful, they are also pricey. Digital invites allows you to custom design the look of the invitation you want and print from home or send via email. You can achieve the same beautiful look but at half the price

3. Schedule properly:

Try to create little wait time between the ceremony and the reception. Although that little break may be nice, you are still paying for photographers and musicians for that extra wait time

4. Give feedback:

Some vendors may give you a discount rate if you leave them a good and honest testimony and/or refer them to more clients. Ask your vendors if they are willing to negotiate on the price, or better yet, have your wedding planner do it on your behalf 😉

5. Negotiate kids meals pricing:

Often you can negotiate the price of children’s meals or get them knocked off completely. If not, opt for kids meals that are a little more budget-friendly like mac and cheese or mini burgers and hot dogs

6. Select flowers properly:

Ask your florist to create flower arrangements that can be used for both the ceremony and the reception. This allows you not to be limited on beautiful florals however you will save a ton in money by not having to make 2 sets of arrangements!

7. Get your dress at a sample sale:

A wedding dress is a big deal for a woman on her big deal, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect. If you have your heart set on a specific look or high end designer the dress can get pricey, but make sure to check out sample sales where you can pick your designer dress for a cheaper cost

8. Skip out on the bread basket:

You would be surprised how much much you will save by opting out of the bread basket for your tables. This will also leave more room for your guests to fill up on your delicious main courses rather than filling up on bread

9. Don't leave wine/champagne bottles at the table :

Instead of paying for a specific amount of wine and champagne bottles at a table have servers come around to offer it to guests in an arranged poured service. This will save bottles from going to waste as well as your money from going to waste

And last, but certainly not least ..

10. Create a budget and stick to it

Be upfront with your vendors on how much you can afford to spend based on the budget you have allocated yourself. Don't be afraid to say no and keep looking. You may have to source out different options in order to find the perfect fit for you and your budget. Be clear about what your non-negotiables are as you may have to compromise on some other things, and thats okay!

These small tips are the key to still creating the beautifull wedding og your dreams. but saving some money in the process!

And hey.. You could always use that extra saved money towards your honeymoon ;)

social media coordinator- Ouda Lova Events & Design - Francesca Ricciardi