Grand entrances for your wedding day

Why have an ordinary entrance to your wedding when you can have an extraordinary one. Over the top wedding entrances have been growing in popularity, and we don't expect that to slow down in 2017

It's your big day to shine so why not!

There are many ways to make your guests drop your jaws during your entrance, here are some popular trends for ways to make a grand entrance on your wedding day:

1. Organize a flash mob

Have some friends and family help out to surprise the rest of your guests with a choreographed flash mob! Its a fun and unique way to get your guests excited and out of their chairs!

2. Balloon drop

Depending on your venue you can arrange for balloons to drop as you enter the room. This is a fun unique way to get the attention of your guests without breaking the bank

3. Choreographed wedding party dance

Have your bridal party choreograph a fun dance for you and your groom. Let them go crazy, the funnier the better! Your guests will be sure to get a good laugh

4. Play with lighting

Lighting is a great and easy way to put the spot light on you... Literally. Ask your venue to put on a light show for your entrance.

5. Sparklers

Sparklers are a fun touch to get your guests involved in your grand entrance, plus they make for some beautiful photography!

Have fun with your grand entrance and get creative with ways to tie in unique entrances with your wedding day theme!