Brides Maid Gift

I know a couple of facts about my clients. One, they are all very unique, in their character, their wedding designs, what they hope for their wedding to look like and the people that they get to celebrate their special day with (aka: bridal party aka: your girls).  Two, they LOVEEEEEE BEAUTIFUL LUXURIOUS FLOWERS!!!! So what do you get such special ladies in your life on the day of your wedding, to let them know and show them that they are one of a kind?

I think a floral French inspired Hat Box is the way to go. Could this be any sexier? fancier? more luxurious and absolutely divine?  The fragrance is a complete heaven (make sure you put it on the night dresser in your bedroom!!) and the visual is utterly gorgeous (any lady with taste will appreciate it, hands down!)

These gorgeous ROSABOX floral arrangements make it to my top floral gifts for any bridal occasion!!!

To see more selection go to WWW.ROSABOX.CA

XO Margo