Margarita - What’s in now? What you love creating these days?


Always the question that keeps on getting asked. What’s in now Margarita? what’s in for 2018?   what you like doing the most? What styles, what flowers you like using, what design elements are the hottest? What do you recommend? I want something that was never done before? What should we do that is different ?

In reality these questions are kinda  silly. Yes silly and  foolish in many ways. Look, all you gotta do is look at our fashion these days and realize that (a) everything was created already and repeated and recreated over and over again only thing is it was adjust to the pop culture of that specific decade and (b) whatever event/wedding you are doing simply needs to be beautiful. Like it’s not that hard or difficult. Let me repeat it. It has to simply be beautiful. Creating something remarkable starts with taste. Something beautiful is always something you will enjoy looking at for days and after years, it will still look eternally graceful. 

I am my self a bit of a contradict - in terms of design perspective. Let me draw a bit of a picture for you -  I love things that are feminine and mixed with masculine lines. I love soft flowy florals and very strict looking furniture, I like airy looking spaces with bold coloured linens, I think that mixing metalics is a must yet making things monochromatic can be so sexy too. See the ideas are endless and there will always be a new “trend” and new “hawt” flowers of the moment and a new “theme” that is more popular then something else. In all of this, what do you think really matters? 

No, really what do you think matters?  

It’s you.  

In 10, 20, 30 years from now  you not gonna look back and be like, oh yeah, Boho was in so in so I adjusted my whole wedding to look like an L.A mountain range - no you would do what is YOU. Stick to what represents most you first, then everything wil fall into place.  When people think of you (two) what do they think about? Where did you guys meet? Where did he or she propose? Why you love cats so much? The colour red is all you think about cause it is the colour of your salsa dance and dance is your life!   You both love books, you met in the library, your love for ocean will set the tone of your venue - aka the beach.  There are so many things that represent you two - remember,  do you.

THAT is what is in. 

Would love to hear what you did for your wedding ? How did you do you for your special day? Please share photos / videos  would love to see !! 

xo Margo