Reds and Golds to celebrate the 2019 CNY

There are two reason why I love Chinese New Year here in Canada.

1) The ceremonial love and pouring of teas, I mean being Russian we love our teas and kinda feel in tune with the symbolism that comes with it and a daily routine of tea drinking is just up my ally. Plus I love love love drinking my tea from delicate fine china (who doesn’t ) and on an Eve of the Chinese New Year is so much more reason to.

2) I love the COLOUR RED!! Hello, yes yes I know the Russian thing again, but no honestly, what a glorious colour ( after black of course) and when you pair it with GOLD, are you kidding me????? So royal yet so delicate, so fancy and in your face - utter beauty - that combination is music to my eye! Wish people where more gutsy about this colour in their daily lives and especially events ( and not only on Valentine’s Day)

From the whole team at OED we are wishing you LOVE, LUCK AND ABUNDANCE FOR 2019, MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE!


Produced and Directed by @oneheartfilms

Co Produced and Styled by @oudalovaeventsdesign

Photography by

Gown by @christopherPaunil

Jewels by @AlanAnderson

Model: Jackie McRae / Spot 6 Management

Venue: @windsorarmshotel


Video Stills below:

Margarita Oudalova

OUDALOVA Events & Design , 38 Sylwood Crescent, Vaughan, ON, L6A 2R1, Canada