Floral backdrops

2017 is the year of floral backdrops and what better way to make a statement then with a large and full floral wall.

Floral arrangements can be used to to write a message, a name or initials, or why not go full out with a full floral wall backdrop.

Floral walls are a beautiful way to set a romantic tone, and of course, create stunning photography!

Floral decor does not have to stop on your wedding day! Pieces can be created to custom fit any event you want your guests to turn heads.

Get creative with mixing flowers and enjoy a stunning background sure to make a statement at any event!


Le Chateau: Wedding Boutique!!!

Le Chateau has a new addition to its many amazing aspects of the company!!! It now has a Wedding Boutique!! The amazing addition carries anything you could need and at reasonable prices!! They carry wedding dresses, accessories like shoes, earnings, bracelets, cover ups, head pieces etc!! They have bridesmaids gifts and brides maid dresses, the have cocktail gowns and things to wear to these events as well!! So many things to choose from all wedding related!

The dresses are classic and sleek, they all have the same type of feel to them! Even if you have already purchased your gown these are great options for a second gown if you really want to bust a move at your reception but not be in your full wedding gown! These would even be great if your wedding was in a rush, or you had a time limit to uphold; the only thing is that most of the dresses are exclusive to online so you would have to wait shipping times. All of these are greta ideas and ways to figure out what you want in a wedding dress! they are a great example of what you can do and even if you have a budget! These dresses give people a chance to have their dream weddings!!

I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to see! A higher end fast fashion retailer coming out with more personalized ways to connect with their customers… just amazing! Definitely putting them one step above the rest!

check out the website: http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/The+Wedding+Boutique/category/cat38761589


Designer Profile: Lela Rose

Lela rose is an American designer that has a unique style all to herself! she is very expressive and classic all at the same time! She is from Dallas Texas, and original went to the university of colorado to study painting and sculpture but then decided to take another path to explore design and the world of fashion. She went on to explore and got accepted into the Parsons school of design in New York City.

Lela Rose is not only a bridal designer but she also designs ready to wear fashion that is amazing! Everything is colourful and fun but has the feeling of overall sophistication around it, women that wear theses clothes need to walk with confidence, they represent the classic american women!

The bridal designs that Lela Creates are also amazing and sophisticated in their own ways! She has a whole bridal collection with bridesmaid gowns and head to toe bridal fashions! She designs clothing accessories and bridal ready to wear and gowns!

Her designs are truly american and classical with all of the styles and modern flares that they have within each collection!


Fashion: Mens suits

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?! A bride on her wedding day is amazing, but the underestimated factor of the man in a suit on his wedding day is great! They are equally as amazing and dressed up as the bride or groom it is there day as well!! The suits can always match the personality of the man wearing it, if they don't wear suits often or at all they might feel uncomfortable or pick a badly fitting suit, they do need guidance and a suit shop or rental shop is the best place for this, they are always willing to help!

The different colours a suit can be is amazing, they do not have to be as traditional as the white dress or a creme dress, they can be black, grey, brown, blue, light blue, dark red, white or even a champagne colour! they can match the brides dress or compliment it in a perfect way with little accents or they can match the aesthetic of the wedding and theme to make them a part of the atmosphere!

The shapes of suits vary for every man, it really depends on the build and the comfort level in a suit! There are tight fitting more a line suits that look nice on many men! The suit accentuates the fancy and more sophisticated affect of that male body, whatever silhouette.

Personally I love men in suits, I think it is amazing what they do for the body and the figure!! So choose your suit and your pocket square and undershirts and button ups carefully, they hold a lot of importance!


Ribbons and Flowers!!

This combination has been done many times over and over again, but it is so elegant and timeless to stop using or talking about it. Floral arrangements with ribbons either as accentuating factors or as a stem holder they create such a dynamic and different look then regular floral arrangements. Ribbons come in al shapes and sizes according to what you need there is a ton of options available!

With ribbons you can also jewel up your florals, you can bedazzle them and even throw a couple pearls on there! If you are using this to go down the isle with the ribbon might be special, nice to hold and something that will not crease with heat (as you might be nervous on your wedding day!)

You can combine these things in so many different ways, there is the stem holding way where you would most likely use it at a wedding and it would be given to the bride or the bridesmaids on their walk down the isle, you can use it as a handle on top of a modern sphere of florals so maybe a flower girl or boy may carry it down the isle for the bride and groom, they can make hanging decorations and the ribbon could be the part that either supports the flowers or hangs off the arrangements to add more appeal, there could be ribbons off of the back of flower crowns (yes flower crowns, we love flower crowns!!!)

The ribbon is so useful, it can really make anything look more elegant and maybe event tie in with the theme more then a regular bouquet of flowers would without anything. From jewels to ribbons to the types of flowers you use to create these wonderful things, they all have a special meaning to you and however you would like to pursue your day!!