Floral backdrops

2017 is the year of floral backdrops and what better way to make a statement then with a large and full floral wall.

Floral arrangements can be used to to write a message, a name or initials, or why not go full out with a full floral wall backdrop.

Floral walls are a beautiful way to set a romantic tone, and of course, create stunning photography!

Floral decor does not have to stop on your wedding day! Pieces can be created to custom fit any event you want your guests to turn heads.

Get creative with mixing flowers and enjoy a stunning background sure to make a statement at any event!


The beauty of a floral arch!!

When getting married you can choose to have an arch to add to your wedding back drop or not! sometimes it is a cultural or religious act but somethings it is strictly ascetic. These simply are amazing and a work of art all in themselves! They create a gravity defying balance of beauty that people cant take their eyes off of!

These amazing floral arches do tend to suit the outdoors better then an indoor arch, but they can really be used anywhere! They can be for a beach wedding or a garden wedding to a rustic wedding in a barn!

Any type of floral will go with these, just make sure to compliment the arch and the style of arch; either rounded or squared! They have to fit the mood or theme of your wedding or event because they can be to much of a distraction if they stand out too much! When you're standing in front of it you still need to be the centre of attention! These can be powerful but you have to make sure they are not to overbearing an they do not attack more attention then just for the background!

These are truly amazing and are so nice when they are executed! On your day make sure everything is up to your standards and make sure everything is what you dreamed it would be!!


Designer Profile: Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is one of the best known designers around in this day in age, he is an international success, and his work can be found anywhere in the world! He is a designer that also creates bridal designs that are truly breathtaking! His passion for fashion started at a young age, His mother was a heavy influence on him always having fabric around and dress forms for her business! He did not start wanting to create his own clothes or be a designer until after he had already attained a degree in architecture, but after so long he found himself drawn back to what he had grown up with. Quickly Angel started his own fashion house that rose to fame in Latin America and then grew internationally fast after. There is now a company head quarter in New York City. He Is known world wide for his claimed evening wear dresses and his fabulous bridal lines. These designs reflect his architecture background, he hold true to timeless and traditional culture but also like the make structure and create new shapes within his lines!

His designs are explained as being Architectural, Contemporary, and Feminine and they always include touch of drama.

The Spring 2017 line of Bridal Gowns are truly amazing and some lovely craftsmanship has obviously been put into them. Angel has styled so many celebrities and is known for so much more then just his bridal collections, but this line has so many incredible dresses and they are all so versatile. There is a silhouette for everyone!! Explore your options within the bridal world because there are so many different incredible designers to choose from!

Fashion: Mens suits

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?! A bride on her wedding day is amazing, but the underestimated factor of the man in a suit on his wedding day is great! They are equally as amazing and dressed up as the bride or groom it is there day as well!! The suits can always match the personality of the man wearing it, if they don't wear suits often or at all they might feel uncomfortable or pick a badly fitting suit, they do need guidance and a suit shop or rental shop is the best place for this, they are always willing to help!

The different colours a suit can be is amazing, they do not have to be as traditional as the white dress or a creme dress, they can be black, grey, brown, blue, light blue, dark red, white or even a champagne colour! they can match the brides dress or compliment it in a perfect way with little accents or they can match the aesthetic of the wedding and theme to make them a part of the atmosphere!

The shapes of suits vary for every man, it really depends on the build and the comfort level in a suit! There are tight fitting more a line suits that look nice on many men! The suit accentuates the fancy and more sophisticated affect of that male body, whatever silhouette.

Personally I love men in suits, I think it is amazing what they do for the body and the figure!! So choose your suit and your pocket square and undershirts and button ups carefully, they hold a lot of importance!


Designer Profile: Julie Vino

Julie Vino is a bridal designer and makes amazing Bridal gowns. She has been artsy and artistically talented since she was just a child, soon after figuring out what fashion had to offer she began her passion within the fashion industry. She has a fashion design background and interned at a leading bridal fashion house, only five years ago she established herself as a bridal designer!

The dresses she designs have a flare of her own personal style in them, she likes to make most of the dresses with class and elegance, she combines Classic touches and Modern trends within her dresses to make sure they all show her ideas and designer touch. She describes her dresses and designs to be ”unique and different in the bridal market”.

For her designs she likes to take only the best and most unique accessories and fabrics, this is what truly makes her designs over the top amazing!! She also takes ideas and actual fabrics from France, Italy and india making the lace that these countries do especially makes the work she does truly amazing and makes it stand out more then other bridal designers.

These dresses are amazing and her collection are beautiful, in my opinion any of these dresses would look great on any body, if you are looking for a dress for your wedding difficulty do some research for this designer!

There is a trunk show for this particular designer, at Mona Lisa Bridal Gallery on April 19th, you do need to sign up ahead of time for this event so make sure you check out the website for further details : www.monalisabridalgallery.com
The Address is 8099 Weston Road, Unit 2, Vaughn, Ontario, Phone number for the showroom is 905-851-0555 .

Make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!!


Flower Crowns!

How amazing are flower crowns? They just add a special flare to an everyday outfit or to an amazing event. Flower crowns can be worn with pretty much anything, they have this certain flare that nothing else like it has, they can vary in size, be small, large medium flowers, they can be real or fake flowers! Basically anything your heart desires in a flower crown!!

Flower crowns do not have a specific season, they do go better with warmer weather but they also are a great contrast piece if they have warmer coloured florals within winter months combined in a wedding or event or even a simple photo shoot! Everyday fashion included flower crowns all the time, they are seen in street style pieces all the time!

It is nice to dress up a nice floral crown once and a while, they offer a lot of colour and they can add to the top half of your body! using a flower crown on your wedding day for example can help add colour to the look, when wearing a pale dress you can use reds or blue to add more of an impact or you can stick with the classical pale pink florals to add to more of a theme with the dress if everything is coherent.

Floral crowns are very versatile, they are amazing and I love how they can be natural or fake, they are amazing creations and we love them very much!!!
Go pick out your favourite flower crown today and get ready for the warmer weather to come!!


Wedding trends 2016…. So Far!

Seeing as how wedding season is creeping up upon us and spring is a beautiful time of the year we should review some wedding trends! Metallic accessories, Natural elements, pale pinks and lovely floral accessories are just some of the amazing trends that have been shown through 2016 already!

Metallic accessories have been shown as being a staple in homes and as decor of the events that show a need and want for it. Metallic and copper and accents are all the rage and show a great deal of class, elegance and simplicity when used correctly Metallic has been something that people have used in the past but especially this year it is expected to take all new levels of reaching into peoples weddings and events!!

Natural elements have been combined in weddings through the use of outdoor weddings, bring natural object from outside inside (I mean flowers always did this, but this is a whole different level)! the theme of your wedding can be natural themed with trees and animals on your invitations to bringing grass inside to show people how dedicated you are to the theme. This is a nice idea for those people who have alway felt attached to nature and it will help express them through the wedding or event!

Pale pink is always a staple for floral designs and even in decor! It has been a trend for the past couple years because it is just ever so elegant and beautiful to look at and work with. Pale pink doesn't come off as being to feminine (even though pink does not describe femininity) most males do not think of having pink involved in their weddings. The colour is simply amazing and very versatile, a lot of elegant weddings have pulled this colour off within flower arrangements, table settings, decor and so much more!

These are just what is set to be some of the many in trend factors for weddings right now for the season, there is so much to explore and do when planning a wedding you can really take any route you want!