Fashion Report: Fendi Resort Collection 2017

Since it is summer and everyone needs a vacation once in a while, I have recently been trying to find my favourite resort wear collection that are couture and classic! There are so many to choose from but today we will look into the Fendi resort collection for 2017. This collection is new and ready to be and set new trends throughout the year!

The colours and patterns in this collection are not what you would think of if you tried to think of resort wear, they are more of a dark toned colour with deep reds, deep blues and blacks! The patterns are also very geometric and not what you would think of for a resort type of feel. I am in love with the innovation and the new thinking that Fendi brings to this resort collection! Its all about mixing patterns and keeping similar colours in a monotone theme! The silhouettes are amazing and give off the flowing resort feel that most would think about when they think of resorts!

There are bows and big sunglasses and anything else you could imagine! Not to mention amazing hand bags that are to die for!! Truly amazing!!


Silver and Gold!

You can add a hint of silver or gold into your wedding like it is suppose to be there even if it is not! These metallic shades are truly amazing and can bring life where ever they go, they can be placed where you would like and they are perfect to make events and weddings so much more special and colourful with that air of elegance and class within them! These shades are true amazing to make any event, you don’t need to revolve your whole wedding or event around these colours they are great accent colours as well, they work well with almost every shade of colour, they can take the secondary role of the colours and then you can make another colour a primary, or you can flip it around and make subtle hints of the colour and the main primary colour the gold or silver beautiful colours!

There are many forms you can implement these colours in with, you can use it in lighting, decorations, floral vases, wedding cakes, table settings, hair pieces, centre pieces, and many many other things!!

These colours can be used in amazing ways to give off light and a sense of class to your surroundings, they are just such lovely colours that they can only add to your vision of the perfect event or wedding!!