Wedding trends you wouldn't expect!!

Taking a look at some of the recent trends for weddings that you would never expect are amazing and truly breath taking, some are things that you would have thought more people would love by now!

Two piece dresses, they are great for brides who want two dresses to get married in the traditional dress, and then for the reception they can take the long dress off and get a shorter dress to dance and have a good time in at the reception! Its the best of both worlds! Or maybe you just cant decide on a fit, so you can have both a ballgown dress and a mermaid all in one! Its just perfect!

A super awesome trend that you wouldn't really expect but think it would be a good idea, would be to have a live choir at your wedding! There is great idea to get the feeling of love and passion at your wedding! Especially a contemporary choir, they are great and will definitely put soul into the song that they are singing!

Most people lately are really interested in having their guests get involved in their wedding, there is a perfect way that is fun and exciting for everyone involved! Late night karaoke is the best! its fun to see who's good and not so great at singing and making the night fun and filled with laughs!

The traditional thing to end off a reception off right is with the cake cutting and some more sweet treats, recently in 2016 they have noticed that there is a growth in the couples wanting something different and more modern; most people have opted for cupcakes for individual people or event catching on to the recent donut trend, what else but donuts!! I believe that any sweet treat is a great way to end the night or add on to something amazing already!

Food inspired florals have been trending for a little bit now, these are one of the trends that I'm not sure about! Flowers are amazing, but complimenting them with fruits and vegetables can look nice sometimes, but when you just make an arrangement out of vegetables thats a special look that maybe someone would specifically want at their wedding; maybe not for everyone! (LOL)

I think stylish grooms are coming more and more into mainstream, they are finding their own voices and it is amazing! They do not just conform to what the bride wants them to wear anymore or what is most really available to them! They can seek for a coloured suit, maybe brown or dark blue, they can even switch it up and wear something that is white to match and make themselves stand out like a bride in all white!

All of these trends are amazing in their own ways! they all are inventive and have new ideas, they are taking it on as a trend and making it big to have the things at your wedding theses days! 2016 is the year of amazing individuality, lets keep it up!!


Aqua & Teal Weddings!

Teal and Aqua are amazing colours for the warm weather that is to come! Teal and Aqua are only some of the colours that are trending in spring 2016 for weddings, so this is a great idea to explore for the future weddings that might be held!

The amount of Teal and Aqua decorations you can find are amazing! There are wonderful candles and lanterns to give light and a nice feel to the wedding, there are also tons of florals that accentuate these colours and help them come out even further to make an impact.

There are dresses and ties and bows and ribbons that you can wear to help also with the theme, they are just additive factors to make sure everything is cohesive and works together nicely. Bridesmaids dresses and ties or pocket squares are very easily found during this season or spring summer because this is suck a popular colour. The little decor that is added not only to the ceremony but to the venue and to the bridal parties all adds to the aesthetics of the wedding and venue!! With using a colour to the best of its ability you can truly show your own colours and how you want others to see your love!

These colours are amazing and can be shown in a amazing way if paired with the right colours that compliment it or even if they are in a monochromatic form! they will look amazing at any venue!!!


Floral Bouquets

Exploring they type of bouquet you can have at your wedding may be the creative and interesting aspect you have been looking for. Trying to decided weather or not you should stick with traditional round bouquet or do a pageant style, or maybe even cascading, the decision is all up to you!

Round bouquet: This bouquet is simple and elegant, known as the most traditional of the bouquets for weddings. It can be either a cluster for a dense feel or t cant be a loosely put together bouquet with an airy feel to it. This works well with all wedding dress styles, there is no specific one that it should be paired with. You can put any flower you want in this bouquet because it will turn out the was you specifically would like it.

Pageant bouquets: This is a long stream of flowers that fall on your arm so it is the length of the arm and is held at the bottom. This is most described as modest, but can be turned into an elaborate design with the choice of florals.

Cascading bouquet: This bouquet is considered the most traditional and most formal of the florals, it was designed to spill over the brides hands gracefully and make it look sophisticated and stylized. It is mostly round at the top and narrows as it goes down. any flower can be used in this style.

Nosegay bouquet: This is a compact cluster of florals with the stems wrapped tightly together often with a ribbon at the bottom with the stems. This florals traditionally contain more greenery than other bouquets. This type of bouquet is very popular for bridesmaids florals because they are tighter kept and have a smaller emphasis then others.

Pomander bouquet: Often this bouquet is referred to as the ball or a ball because of its round floral features. This bouquet is suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon on the top and is held from that. The florals are all typically the same size within this. This type of bouquet is most likely seen on flower girls and as ceremony decor.

Posy bouquet: These bouquets are small round in shape and can usually be held in one hand easily. This is chosen to be either the brides or bridesmaids bouquet simply because it can adapt to any flower it could hold in it. This Floral can be loosely constructed and embellished with trim of ribbon that fits your wedding colour just to make the decor match. Flowers that work amazing in these bouquets are Roses, Gerber’s, Peonies and Tulips.

All of these bouquets are amazing and can be used in so many different ways!! Explore your options!


Designer profile: Carolina Herrera

One of the most decorated and well known designers of our time is Carolina Herrera. She is amazing and so elegant. Her dresses are truly timeless and have their own taste and flare within every different one. She built an empire, she does not only create beautiful wedding dresses, she makes and participates in ready to wear and couture fashions, she also designs for men, women and children. Her only aim is not wedding dresses or clothing in general, she also designs sunglasses, perfume and many other things!! There are many sections to her brand, she has Carolina Herrera New York, Carolina Herrera and her fashion house “the House”. Carolina is so inspired by everything around her, she takes inspiration from everything she sees. All of her work has a combining factor to it, they are all so simple but detailed within each separate piece, it is truly amazing to be able to see this and that it is possible for designers to create such beautiful and elegant works that are still so popular and in fashion. She was born in Venezuela and was exposed to fashion from an early age. When she was young her grandmother took her to a Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture show in paris, to be able to be exposed to this type of fashion greatness at such a young age most likely only helped her throughout her career. Within the fashion world Carolina is known for her amazing and timeless style that is ever so elegant and can be worn by practically anyone! Carolina Herrera showed her first in New York in 1981 with help and encouragement of Diana Vreeland, legendary Vogue Editor-in-Chief. The very first runway show was held at Metropolitan Club, a New York City site and landmark. The first collection was met with great excitement and commercial success within the industry. And after this show… the Fashion House of Carolina Herrera was finally born! Throughout her time as a designer she has won a great deal of awards and has became one of the best in her field!! She is truly and inspiration and someone who many young designers and fashion lovers look up to for inspiration!!

“Elegance isn't solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.” - Carolina Herrera