My two loves, #Fashion and #Flowers

Sometimes I ask my self, if I could take one word or one expression and describe my self, what would it be? If my friends & clients  could use one word to describe me, what would they say? If I could choose of word to describe what I love most ( career wise) what would it be?  

After many pondering sessions and data collecting from friends, clients and acquaintances, I come to one consolation:  there are always two words:  Fashion & Flowers. And it is totally not surprising but I had to go round and round to realize why they mean so much to me. 

Fashion: well that is a no brainer - I have loved fashion since I can remember, in high school I was the one to always dress up and copy French Vogue outfits etc... -  now when you think of that think of a 14 year old girl, wearing suspenders, and ripped jeans, and super out there shoes, basically I got inspired by magazine and runways - and executed it as much as I could on my day to day outfits. Now when you are 14, 15  I‘ll be real,  I was a complete outcast and the black sheep in the crowd. But It felt right and I wanted to express my self, so ce la vie, that is who I was and that what I was going to wear, too bad for you. 

As I was growing up I knew I wanted to live in a big city and persu my fashion dream, it was Parsons or Ryerson - well as most of you know - Ryerson it  was for me in the early 2000’s. As a side note, as long as I remember my adult life, I was always trying to do something on the side, I always tried to come up with ways to express my self, my taste, my style, however you want to name it - It always tried to come out. My internal entrepreneur if you wish- I don’t know, I think you kinda grow in to the role, I  always was trying to come out lol - at one point I was importing russian jewelry called Gzhel, it was sold in gifts shops and one of a kind shows. I had a vintage clothing shop on EBay and was selling vintage angora and cashmere sweaters there, at the same time - I gathered some personal shopping  clients, I simply wanted to start something of my own, something  I would be proud of calling my own.

With a diploma in interior design and visual merchandising, a bachelor in fashion and a mom that breathes floral design I guess a future in events might have been a no brainer for the the outsider but to me, I feel like I literally fell into this. I remember I had a classmate in college, and as mentioned above I didn’t know where my path was going to take me and I shared the frustration, she said it’s funny how we don’t want and don’t see the obvious of what we are meant to do. 

She was right.  

Now I know.  

I was was meant to be here, I was meant to do this.   

I create things. I create experiences. I want them to be theatrical  and grand and make you ~FEEL~ 

These are some of my favorote fashion runways that always leave me breathless,what do you think ? Would something like this take your breath away? 

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you  

xoxo Margo  

TIFF 2016

The Toronto International Film Festival is on its way and this is the time we can get excited for films that are shown and shot for this amazing event!! Celebrities and all around the Toronto area showing off amazing styles! aspiring actress’s and actors strutting their stuff to show off what makes them truly unique!

The style that these people love to bring is amazing! The festival goes from September 8th-18th and is filled with amazing films that people line up for all day long to try and get in if they do not have a ticket! Many famous hollywood actor will be blessing the streets of Toronto such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lupita Nyongo, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Ewan McGregor, Amy Adams, Chris Pratt and many many more!! You Can find a line up of the films that are showing at any TIFF website, there is really a film for everyone!


Fashion Report: Fendi Resort Collection 2017

Since it is summer and everyone needs a vacation once in a while, I have recently been trying to find my favourite resort wear collection that are couture and classic! There are so many to choose from but today we will look into the Fendi resort collection for 2017. This collection is new and ready to be and set new trends throughout the year!

The colours and patterns in this collection are not what you would think of if you tried to think of resort wear, they are more of a dark toned colour with deep reds, deep blues and blacks! The patterns are also very geometric and not what you would think of for a resort type of feel. I am in love with the innovation and the new thinking that Fendi brings to this resort collection! Its all about mixing patterns and keeping similar colours in a monotone theme! The silhouettes are amazing and give off the flowing resort feel that most would think about when they think of resorts!

There are bows and big sunglasses and anything else you could imagine! Not to mention amazing hand bags that are to die for!! Truly amazing!!


Biggest wedding dress tends to come: keep an eye open!!

Trends change all the time, they evolve and adapt to the times! Wedding dress trends also change, not at such a rapid pace but still changing with every season that new brands and designers come up with different ideas. There are always going to be timeless lines and collecting that have key styles, but you can be sure that puffy 80’s sleeves are not going to be coming back anytime soon!

One of the main focuses and statements of bridal 2016 so far has been sheer dresses, lace and all the linen that you can think of! Spanish inspired design houses like Naeem Kahn are very on point with this, the spring 2016 side of trends within the industry! Most of the retailed lines are shown as nude but not nude so that you feel comfortable wearing it around your family, there is something for everyone! The key of finding your perfect nude dress is making sure it shows off all the right assets, and tastefully accentuates your body in the perfect way for your special day!

Colour trends to come do include the light pale pinks and mint greens, but 2016 so far has been a pretty dark year, with the darker colours becoming more of a trend! Deep reds and modern gothic looks and moody have a romantic feeling. Designers like Inbal Dror and Vera Wang have been expressing this in recent collections.

Designer Angel Sanchez has added 3D floral applications to collections, which is personally my favourite and adds such a perfect touch to the dress, they are not overpowering but they have a simple and elegant touch to the dresses, plus flowers are just amazing!

Silhouettes are always fun to play with in the bridal industry! Oscar de la Renta often plays with the classic sweet but modern take on the silhouettes, but the dresses and gowns are amazing every time!

As long as you feel amazing in the dress it doesn't really matter if it follows the trends, you need to make yourself happy first!


Fashion and Weddings Collide

Fashion is a key part of the wedding and how a wedding turns out! Fashion has a part of everything that individuals decide, it is in the decor and especially in the set up and clothing choices within a wedding or even an event. Fashion is really a part of everyday life, you choose what to wear on a daily basis based off of something, that is called fashion any sense of it!

Fashion goes hand in hand with weddings, the colours and the styles of the clothing and dresses and decor, all of these things are influenced from some sort of fashion forecast and they truly represent the most up to date looks at what colours and styles are the trending the most for a certain season or a certain location. For example on a beach you would not really think of seeing a bride in a tight fitting dress with high heels on because that is just not the fashion expectation for a beach, it would be more of a flowing dress and either flats, no shoes or sandals so you do not sink into the sand on the beach while walking down the isle.

Fashion trends have a huge part in everything around us, colours and decor are all part of a fashion, they might not be the most standard or straight forward fashion that most people would recognize as ‘fashion’ but they are definitely a fashion form and derive from fashion and key trends.

There are a lot of fashion designers that have created bridal collections and at the same time a lot of bridal designers have chosen to also make ready to wear collections or haute couture collections. The trends follow under basically the same categories, the only difference is that wedding and bridal wear sometimes take more effort and thought because it has to be special, but they fall under the same fashion and silhouettes as most ready to wear or haute couture dresses!


Fashion: Mens suits

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?! A bride on her wedding day is amazing, but the underestimated factor of the man in a suit on his wedding day is great! They are equally as amazing and dressed up as the bride or groom it is there day as well!! The suits can always match the personality of the man wearing it, if they don't wear suits often or at all they might feel uncomfortable or pick a badly fitting suit, they do need guidance and a suit shop or rental shop is the best place for this, they are always willing to help!

The different colours a suit can be is amazing, they do not have to be as traditional as the white dress or a creme dress, they can be black, grey, brown, blue, light blue, dark red, white or even a champagne colour! they can match the brides dress or compliment it in a perfect way with little accents or they can match the aesthetic of the wedding and theme to make them a part of the atmosphere!

The shapes of suits vary for every man, it really depends on the build and the comfort level in a suit! There are tight fitting more a line suits that look nice on many men! The suit accentuates the fancy and more sophisticated affect of that male body, whatever silhouette.

Personally I love men in suits, I think it is amazing what they do for the body and the figure!! So choose your suit and your pocket square and undershirts and button ups carefully, they hold a lot of importance!


Bridal Fashion!!!

Looking forward in the fashion world.. or more like the Bridal Fashion world, there was just the Spring 2017 bridal fashion shows in fashion week. Showing off some amazing designs by designers from all around the world! This showcased the amazing works and designs that will be popular most likely in the spring time next year and available to be warm by beautiful brides all of the world.

Some beautiful designs were delayed this week by amazing designers like Carolina Herrera, Angel Sanchez, Elie Saab, Marchesa, Lela Rose (with an amazing pant suit section might I add), Anna Barge,Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Vera Wang and many many more!!!

Everything was and is so beautiful and even timeless!! Ranging from different coloured dresses and separating themselves from the traditional white wedding dress, and then moving onto lovely pant suits that were both form fitting and classic, and then the sleeves ranging from lace and tool to fur and feathers! Exploring what the beauty of spring truly is who could forget about florals!! There were so many florals incorporated within these dresses, within the lace or as three dimensional pieces within the dress, they were so great and incorporated in a subtle yet amazing and interesting way within most of the designs!

Exploring and checking out these amazing designs can be so exciting!! The different silhouettes are great for any body shape, they will accentuate the best parts and make you look amazing on your day!! Any of these dresses would make a bride feel amazing and like one of a kind on their special day!! True beauty can shine through anything!!


Mass Exodus 2016!

Every year Ryerson University in Toronto puts on a student run fashion show; the largest student run fashion show in North America, Mass Exodus. This year we were invited to be a guest at the curated show on Sunday April 10th. This show consisted of 15 hand picked collections produced by the fourth year Fashion Design students, these were the capstones designs from these specific students. Todd Lynn a respected designer that has himself graduated from the Ryerson Fashion Design program chose the collections that were shown in this show. This day there were 3 previous shows to also showcase all of the fourth year students collections.

A few weeks prior to the show we made a wall of silk florals to act as an excitement factor and for promotion up until the show date! The wall was amazing and stood out among the windows and more geometric shaped attributes of the building, while the show was happening this wall was outside ready to take picture with, and many people did! The wall was at the entrance of the fourth year Fashion communications students capstones in the Student Learning Centre.

Students in RTA, Theatre, Creative Industries and Fashion Communications came together to create this wonderful show, all of the lovely volunteers were there for the whole day, The events started early in the morning this past Sunday, and the efforts were truly shown throughout the whole day!

The location was amazing!! The Ryerson Student learning centre was a new venue this year for Mass Exodus planners to explore. The show was held on the sixth floor with is known by the students as the “beach” floor. It is known as a place where you can study, talk to friends and just hang out! This floor is so dynamic and well structured, the space is amazing and has many different levels to it. Personally I was so curious as to how they would transform this into a beautiful runway; but they did it!! Models were walking up and down the isles and down stairs, which could not have been easy, but it was wonderful!

Compared to past years this show stood out not only because of the new space it was held in but the graphics and the dynamic set up of the show, it was different than others!! The designs were truly amazing, I believe the graduates are presenting more and more dynamic views on what they design and what they wish to put into the world of fashion every year.

Well done to all the Ryerson fourth year students, all of the work was amazing and good luck in the future!