Designer Profile: Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is one of the best known designers around in this day in age, he is an international success, and his work can be found anywhere in the world! He is a designer that also creates bridal designs that are truly breathtaking! His passion for fashion started at a young age, His mother was a heavy influence on him always having fabric around and dress forms for her business! He did not start wanting to create his own clothes or be a designer until after he had already attained a degree in architecture, but after so long he found himself drawn back to what he had grown up with. Quickly Angel started his own fashion house that rose to fame in Latin America and then grew internationally fast after. There is now a company head quarter in New York City. He Is known world wide for his claimed evening wear dresses and his fabulous bridal lines. These designs reflect his architecture background, he hold true to timeless and traditional culture but also like the make structure and create new shapes within his lines!

His designs are explained as being Architectural, Contemporary, and Feminine and they always include touch of drama.

The Spring 2017 line of Bridal Gowns are truly amazing and some lovely craftsmanship has obviously been put into them. Angel has styled so many celebrities and is known for so much more then just his bridal collections, but this line has so many incredible dresses and they are all so versatile. There is a silhouette for everyone!! Explore your options within the bridal world because there are so many different incredible designers to choose from!

Bridal Fashion!!!

Looking forward in the fashion world.. or more like the Bridal Fashion world, there was just the Spring 2017 bridal fashion shows in fashion week. Showing off some amazing designs by designers from all around the world! This showcased the amazing works and designs that will be popular most likely in the spring time next year and available to be warm by beautiful brides all of the world.

Some beautiful designs were delayed this week by amazing designers like Carolina Herrera, Angel Sanchez, Elie Saab, Marchesa, Lela Rose (with an amazing pant suit section might I add), Anna Barge,Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Vera Wang and many many more!!!

Everything was and is so beautiful and even timeless!! Ranging from different coloured dresses and separating themselves from the traditional white wedding dress, and then moving onto lovely pant suits that were both form fitting and classic, and then the sleeves ranging from lace and tool to fur and feathers! Exploring what the beauty of spring truly is who could forget about florals!! There were so many florals incorporated within these dresses, within the lace or as three dimensional pieces within the dress, they were so great and incorporated in a subtle yet amazing and interesting way within most of the designs!

Exploring and checking out these amazing designs can be so exciting!! The different silhouettes are great for any body shape, they will accentuate the best parts and make you look amazing on your day!! Any of these dresses would make a bride feel amazing and like one of a kind on their special day!! True beauty can shine through anything!!


How you can successfully make your wedding unique!!

Trying to make your wedding the best it can be? there are easy things you can do to make your wedding truly yours and make it all you have ever dreamed of!
First things first, search applications and websites to see what ideas you can branch off of! Theres the over all theme, theres music, theres the tables settings and so much more!
Finding a makeup artist and someone to do your hair is key to making the bride feel beautiful and efficient because then that is out of the way and you do not have to worry about it until the day! You should pick out a style of hair and makeup before you set this in stone!
Before you plan anything you need to do your research on what will be the best for you and your specific budget. Figuring that out is the best thing to do before you get yourself excited about a wedding and have dreams that you can not realistically achieve smoothly.
Finding the perfect dress or suit are key to making you feel the best on your special day! Thinking about the jewelry and everything that you will wear is very special and personal for individuals that want to remember this day because it will change their lives forever!
Thinking of invitations and what date to make your wedding is more important than you might think, the invitations reflect what your wedding will represent for you and your partner and to others in attendance! The date is also very difficult because you can not please everyone, you need to figure out what date is best for you first and what season you would like it to be in, then think about others and their availability. If it is really important for you to have one day then others who care about you will understand and figure out how to get there if it conflicts with their schedules!
There are so many thing to think about from venue, to date, to shoes and hair and makeup and then photography! everything is important, the details really make the wedding come apart from just your regular wedding, and who wants to have a cookie cutter wedding? You want to be your own creative individual because this is a special day!! Even though there is a lot to think about don't get stressed out, this day is not meant to cause that, get help so they can assist you in your wedding dreams!!