Gucci Resort 2017 Collection

Gucci in my opinion is truly killing it these days! The advertisements and the clothes that are being created are amazing and so creative!! Gucci is a brand that expresses difference and the kind of different that is accepted in the fashion industry, this brand puts on a great show every fashion week. This resort wear collection is the perfect combination of design and creative minds, the combinations are amazing and so colourful.

In this collection there is definitely no lack of colour or pattern, but with Gucci when is there ever a lack of anything. This season has been just outstanding, Im not sure if its because of all the other content that has been created or the times that it is being created in and how all of these styles are truly universal and could be warn by anyone, anywhere.

Gucci expresses difference and in todays society that is something that is rarely done or not seen as pushing the boundaries. In the fashion industry we applaud difference and creativity, that is why I believe Gucci is doing a great job!! The 2017 resort collection expresses so much, individuality and power that it draws you in. This collection intrigued me to look more into Gucci as a brand; it makes you want to know more in a sense of the fashion evolution that took place and the branding that was put in!

TIP: If you want to stay caught up on the latest trends or fashion shows for all your favourite designers or design houses download or pull up a tab of or Vogue Runway!


Jessica & Roberts Wedding- 17.09.16

September 17th 2016 is a day that Jessica and Robert will never forget, it is the day that they combined their love to show friends and family how much they mean to each other! Even though it has almost been a week since the wedding, I bet they feel like it has been an hour!!

A wedding is a magical time and this was no exception, even though the weather did not fully cooperate we had the best time and everything turned out amazing at the end of the day!

The day was full of surprises and we had a great time. The wedding was held at Queens Landing in Niagara On the Lake, which is a beautiful venue and has a lot of authentic and rustic vibes to begin with so all we had to do was accentuate the beauty with the wedding colours and all the lovely decor to go along with it.

The colour scheme was lovely, all the sparkle and the roses were wonderful! The aesthetic was to die for. The tiny details that made the wedding wonderful were just that extra touch to make the couple happy on their special day. The whole thing was super personal and you felt it as soon as you entered the reception hall.

The day was truly a great time and I wish all the best to the happy couple!


The top honeymoon destinations of 2016 so far!

Everyone has the travel bug now and again but what better time to think of where you would love to go with the person you love the most on your special trip, there are tons of beautiful places to explore in the world; depending on your budget and what type of trip you would like to do! You can choose to take a trip somewhere warm or explore something cold that is not like what you have ever seen before, there are wonders of the world to see and beautiful scenery to take in!

In 2016 so far there has been quite a few amazing places for people to visit on their honeymoons! To name a few there is Hawaii, Thailand, Riviera Maya, Mexico, South America; places like Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay and finally Italy!

Hawaii is an amazing place full of culture and fine things but it doesn't have to be that far of a trip depending where you live in the world! This is a very romantic destination to travel too especially on your honeymoon!

Thailand is one of the newer tourist locations that a ton of people love to travel to. In 2016 Thailand made a real boom in the list of top tourist destinations, the scenery is not only amazing but it is good for all budgets and types of people, between hostels and 5 star hotels there is something for everyone! And not to mention reasonably priced foods and amazing ones at that!

South america is great for those who seek adventure! There is amazing culture and great wineries! The places you could go are amazing and have been amazing honeymoon destinations for more than just 2016, they have just become most popular during this year so far!

Italy is a dream destination! They have so much romance in the streets it would be great to spend your honeymoon anywhere in Italy!

There are so many places to see in the world, what a better time to do so!! Enjoy your wedding and marriage to the fullest, start off with something great!!


All about that tent!

Having a tent wedding is not the first option most people think of when planning a wedding! They are usually thought of as being big and one toned, with no decorations and just a plain white covering! That is all false! You can make tents absolutely beautiful! The decor can be whatever you would like, there can be florals everywhere, you can put up lights, anything!! This is the perfect wedding for anyone who wants the perfect combination of nature and the outdoors and an indoor feel!

A tent can also be used of the wedding and reception or just one, there can be partially covered parts and then fully covered parts as well! You can have options on where to sit and where the dance floor is, the design of the floor plan can vary with the size of the tent or the venue.

For the fabric you can have the traditional tent or you can choose to have a more rustic look to it and make the fabric flowing an more of an open feel with still being enclosed! You can have a lounge area, chandeliers, flooring, you name it and it can probably be done for the tent wedding you'd always wished for! Just make sure you have the proper heating or cooling tools incase the weather for your special day is either on the colder side or on the warmer side!


Wedding trends you wouldn't expect!!

Taking a look at some of the recent trends for weddings that you would never expect are amazing and truly breath taking, some are things that you would have thought more people would love by now!

Two piece dresses, they are great for brides who want two dresses to get married in the traditional dress, and then for the reception they can take the long dress off and get a shorter dress to dance and have a good time in at the reception! Its the best of both worlds! Or maybe you just cant decide on a fit, so you can have both a ballgown dress and a mermaid all in one! Its just perfect!

A super awesome trend that you wouldn't really expect but think it would be a good idea, would be to have a live choir at your wedding! There is great idea to get the feeling of love and passion at your wedding! Especially a contemporary choir, they are great and will definitely put soul into the song that they are singing!

Most people lately are really interested in having their guests get involved in their wedding, there is a perfect way that is fun and exciting for everyone involved! Late night karaoke is the best! its fun to see who's good and not so great at singing and making the night fun and filled with laughs!

The traditional thing to end off a reception off right is with the cake cutting and some more sweet treats, recently in 2016 they have noticed that there is a growth in the couples wanting something different and more modern; most people have opted for cupcakes for individual people or event catching on to the recent donut trend, what else but donuts!! I believe that any sweet treat is a great way to end the night or add on to something amazing already!

Food inspired florals have been trending for a little bit now, these are one of the trends that I'm not sure about! Flowers are amazing, but complimenting them with fruits and vegetables can look nice sometimes, but when you just make an arrangement out of vegetables thats a special look that maybe someone would specifically want at their wedding; maybe not for everyone! (LOL)

I think stylish grooms are coming more and more into mainstream, they are finding their own voices and it is amazing! They do not just conform to what the bride wants them to wear anymore or what is most really available to them! They can seek for a coloured suit, maybe brown or dark blue, they can even switch it up and wear something that is white to match and make themselves stand out like a bride in all white!

All of these trends are amazing in their own ways! they all are inventive and have new ideas, they are taking it on as a trend and making it big to have the things at your wedding theses days! 2016 is the year of amazing individuality, lets keep it up!!


Farm Weddings!

Farm weddings are very on trend right now, you don't even have to fully commit the the farm appeal to have a farm wedding anymore! you can glam it up or keep it dressed down for the day to keep the aesthetic of the farm! These farms do not have to include all the animals, they can just be a large patch of land that you take advantage of, you can even use a barn to hold a different aspect of the wedding for instance either the ceremony or the reception!

So many options to do different thing on a farm! When you think of farm weddings you usually think of rustic weddings, that are in the country side and they have beautiful scenery, they usually come equipped with loads of greenery! You can definitely dress them up, add some different colours and add different accents in there to make the visual more appealing with what you want! Of course you don't have to add anything, you can just use the nature and add more wood accents to make the whole feel of the venue more rustic but classy at the same time! If there is a Barn for sure you can add some different lighting and make the barn not so rustic, but more of a glam up vibe! The conflict of the classic chandelier in a barn is my all time favourite decoration!

The barn and farm wedding trend is amazing, it can be used to hold whatever you like, the possibilities are endless! You don't even have to be a country person to enjoy this wedding!


Keep it simple!

When planning a wedding or event there is one special thing to keep in mind and that is to not over do it!! there can be a lot of decorations and a lot of decisions that need to be made when it comes to the theme and colours of the whole event!

This is a big deal, your wedding day is special and should be seen as everything you've ever wanted! When you try to put in so much of yourself into the wedding with colours and decorations and everything that you can get your hands on! Sometimes you need to take a step back and simple it down to make the wedding or event not so extravagant or a lot to handle for the guests and to much to look at. Sometimes this can be confusing, if you don't have one defined theme or colour scheme it can work in some instances, but sometimes it is just too much and it becomes overwhelming!

Most modern weddings are simple and have the feeling of modern and chic within them with one accent colour along side white or a cream, they usually incorporate a lot of greens in plants and succulents! They are lovely and show a true sense of simplicity, they are amazing and are so chic and not overwhelming at all! You just need to learn what you truly want to portray within your wedding or event and then make sure you can execute correctly!


Red and White weddings!!

Happy Canada Day everyone! today we celebrate the country that supports its people in what they do and helps them in acts of freedom and rights!! I may be bias but I love Canada and I would not want to live anywhere else!!

To celebrate this day we will look into the colour scheme of red and white weddings!! These can be elegant and classy without trying! Adding a simple touch of red to a strictly white wedding can be amazing and just what it need to give it some character!

You can add a simple touch of red roses anywhere, a candle that is red on the tables, some red sashes around the chairs and even on a bridal gown that could be white already! So many options to incorporate red and white into a wedding! I do think this colour scheme works better in a winter or fall season rather than a summer or spring simply because the colours are darker and red goes well with darker tones, in spring and summer the colours are trending and vibrant to look at to compliment the warmer weather!!

Red and white are a classic combination and not just used on Canada day!