The top honeymoon destinations of 2016 so far!

Everyone has the travel bug now and again but what better time to think of where you would love to go with the person you love the most on your special trip, there are tons of beautiful places to explore in the world; depending on your budget and what type of trip you would like to do! You can choose to take a trip somewhere warm or explore something cold that is not like what you have ever seen before, there are wonders of the world to see and beautiful scenery to take in!

In 2016 so far there has been quite a few amazing places for people to visit on their honeymoons! To name a few there is Hawaii, Thailand, Riviera Maya, Mexico, South America; places like Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay and finally Italy!

Hawaii is an amazing place full of culture and fine things but it doesn't have to be that far of a trip depending where you live in the world! This is a very romantic destination to travel too especially on your honeymoon!

Thailand is one of the newer tourist locations that a ton of people love to travel to. In 2016 Thailand made a real boom in the list of top tourist destinations, the scenery is not only amazing but it is good for all budgets and types of people, between hostels and 5 star hotels there is something for everyone! And not to mention reasonably priced foods and amazing ones at that!

South america is great for those who seek adventure! There is amazing culture and great wineries! The places you could go are amazing and have been amazing honeymoon destinations for more than just 2016, they have just become most popular during this year so far!

Italy is a dream destination! They have so much romance in the streets it would be great to spend your honeymoon anywhere in Italy!

There are so many places to see in the world, what a better time to do so!! Enjoy your wedding and marriage to the fullest, start off with something great!!


Fashion Report: Fendi Resort Collection 2017

Since it is summer and everyone needs a vacation once in a while, I have recently been trying to find my favourite resort wear collection that are couture and classic! There are so many to choose from but today we will look into the Fendi resort collection for 2017. This collection is new and ready to be and set new trends throughout the year!

The colours and patterns in this collection are not what you would think of if you tried to think of resort wear, they are more of a dark toned colour with deep reds, deep blues and blacks! The patterns are also very geometric and not what you would think of for a resort type of feel. I am in love with the innovation and the new thinking that Fendi brings to this resort collection! Its all about mixing patterns and keeping similar colours in a monotone theme! The silhouettes are amazing and give off the flowing resort feel that most would think about when they think of resorts!

There are bows and big sunglasses and anything else you could imagine! Not to mention amazing hand bags that are to die for!! Truly amazing!!


Designer Profile: Lela Rose

Lela rose is an American designer that has a unique style all to herself! she is very expressive and classic all at the same time! She is from Dallas Texas, and original went to the university of colorado to study painting and sculpture but then decided to take another path to explore design and the world of fashion. She went on to explore and got accepted into the Parsons school of design in New York City.

Lela Rose is not only a bridal designer but she also designs ready to wear fashion that is amazing! Everything is colourful and fun but has the feeling of overall sophistication around it, women that wear theses clothes need to walk with confidence, they represent the classic american women!

The bridal designs that Lela Creates are also amazing and sophisticated in their own ways! She has a whole bridal collection with bridesmaid gowns and head to toe bridal fashions! She designs clothing accessories and bridal ready to wear and gowns!

Her designs are truly american and classical with all of the styles and modern flares that they have within each collection!


The Perfect Headpiece!

There are so many head pieces you can wear for your event or wedding! You can have a subtle additive to your hair and make everything look fabulous! These hair pieces can be bling filled or they can be more of a floral base that is more natural and gives more of a boho feel.

There are head pieces for every feel and theme of wedding to ever season, they are not limited to just one particular type or season of wedding. These can be very versatile and can even be worn on top or underneath of a vail if you are wearing one and whatever style it is, the head piece will definitely work with it!

There are floral headpieces and jewel pieces, along with structure or non structured accents. There are so many varieties it is hard to love just one! We do have a love for floral crowns here, they are amazing and can work with anything, the colours that you choose are completely up to you and have a beautiful effect with the shape of the face and how much it accents the colours in the dress or around the wedding!

Headpieces are amazing and can make you feel that much more special on your day!


Designer Profile: Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is one of the most credible wedding gown designers around today! Creating the band in 1996 with her husband now is considered one of the top fashion houses in design, quality and creativity. If you see a Monique Lhuiller dress you will know it, it will scream sophistication at its finest!

All the designs through the separate collections include a sense of sophisticated luxury, making one feel feminine, showing a strong glam factor and truly making a fashion statement! She creates ready to wear fashions as well as accessories and bridal collections, but is most well known for her bridal work! there are fur lines, jewelry lines and so much more in the sense of impeccable fashion. All of the collections are created with success because of monicker impeccable sense of style in her own life!

This brand is set to help women realize what an art fashion really is, Monique’s techniques definitely defy the conventions of day versus evening dress. Monique’s new accessory line now showcases a variety of different shoes and bags that are made in order for women to truly make a statement.

There is truly a strong sense of family in the designs Monique creates, being in a partnership with her husband and having two children just shows the dedication of the designer! You can find Monique Lhuillier designs through Monique Lhullier stores, premium department stores and finest stores throughout the world.


A picture is worth a thousand words

These are just some helpful question to ask your chosen photography in order to ensure that you are getting the best out of the memories that they will give you! They are simple and there are certain answers that they should give you when you want to know specific things such as “Have you shot at my venue before, do you know the layout?” or “Do you have a limited amount of images that you will edit?”

Before you start to question your photographer you should decide what direction you want, you need to figure out what you want to do with your photos and how you would like them to be! Do your research before to make sure you are choosing the right photographer but as precaution you need to ask questions as well.

Some of the first questions you should ask are: What is your preferred style of photography?, How many weddings have you shot in your career?, if they are shooting more then one wedding on your specific day make sure to ask what times in order for times and making sure there is not over lap and a definite time in between them to have them get to your wedding and where you need them to be on time, Do you have your own lighting? if you would like your photos set up a certain way you need to make sure that they have the right equipment to make that happen for you, See if they work form a shot list and if they do then for sure ask to see it and then follow up by asking to see if they can provide specific shots for you, How many hours are included in a package of your choice?, do you bring a second shooter? If they don’t ask them if they could in order to capture all the emotion and raw moments within a wedding!! There are so many questions and answers that you need on your day, it can be stressful!

The fact that you have to put this in the hands of someone else is a bit frightening but you have to trust them enough to make sure that they will get the shots that you want. You have to get to know them, figure out their style and help them get to know you and what your likes and dislikes are!

Make sure you capture your day perfectly so you can remember it for a lifetime!! A picture is truly worth a thousand words!


Toronto Bridal Show April 8,9 & 10!!

Its that time of the year again where we have the opportunity to go to yet another Bridal show! We can not wait to show you all we have done in preparation and all of the new and exiting things we have been working on! The Toronto Bridal show is being held at the Enercare Centre, within Exhibition place Hall C. The show starts on Friday April 8th at 5 pm and goes until 9pm, and on Saturday and Sunday the show runs from 10am to 6pm. There is a bunch of give aways and so many interesting and nice things to see for any couple to check out before their wedding. In all of the exciting things included at this Bridal show there is a fashion shows each day of the event; on Friday it is at 7:30, on Saturday it is at 1pm and 5pm, and on Sunday there is one at 3pm. This should be a great opportunity to make new aware of the lovely arrangements and designs we are capable of, showing off the new spring layouts of florals and everything else that is lovely. Our booth is G708, so make sure you stop by if you're interested and come say hi!!
You can buy your tickets at the Toronto Bridal show website all until the day you would like to come: .

Seeing is how it is spring we are going to come fully loaded with spring flare and elegance, showing a whole new twist to the spring feeling!! All the beautiful colours and arrangements will make you so much more excited about planning a wedding!!

Don’t forget our booth is G708, don’t be shy and come and say hi to some friendly faces!


How to use baby’s breath the best way possible!!

Baby’s breath is very understated within florals, they are usually used to aid the bouquet and other floral arrangements but they can be used on their own and be as beautiful as ever! These simple florals are amazing and can be amazing when produced in the right manner and alongside the correct assembly and colours.

Baby’s breath can be used to make a whole bunch of different things, there are different aspects of a wedding that they can be used for. They can be used as centre pieces, halos, placed in hair for decoration, isle decor, and just general accents to other floral pieces as well! They are very versatile, they have the properties to be accents but also on their own and can hold a certain air of elegance.

Baby’s breath can be a bouquet on its own and it creates a simple and elegant accent to any decor that is at a wedding, the simplicity makes it so easy to match other florals and decorations with, its wonderful!

The versatility of baby’s breath is amazing it can be transformed into so many different things and be a part of so many different aspects in a wedding or event, The beauty it has shows when it is with other florals or simply by itself!! The fact that it looks just as beautiful by itself then with other florals is a sight and just amazing to me! There doesn't even have to be a certain theme in your wedding or event to use these lovely florals, they can be additive and just a figure to make somethings pop out better; so many ways to use them!!