Modern Minimalism: Wedding style!!

Sometimes the less you how is better! Minimalism is an amazing style that is for those who love a good simple colour or style and would like to show it all over the wedding or event you are hosting! Having a minimalist wedding is very easy you really just have to stick to one colour, usually white.

To pull of the minimalist look you need to have as little as possible or make it look like there is as little as possible out (make it deceivingly detailed), there can be cute decor like lights and florals but mainly just one colour of floral, the trend in 2016 so far has been to use green and greenery around, lots of succulents, lots of geometric holders and containers to fill the table spaces with. There has been a trend of having clear glass as well, there is a way that you can make the table look flawless by adding a little amount of decorations and just making it personal.

The overall appeal of the wedding has to be minimal if you are going to try to achieve this. This can also be cost effective, you wont have to buy as many supplies to create the biggest wedding ever. With the brides and grooms you can also achieve the look of minimalism with simple dresses and colours, a simple tie or bow tie for the men is perfect and thats all you need! For the bouquet you can keep it to one colour, maybe a pop of colour or just even a simple white bouquet with hints of another colour from your wedding in it would be perfect! The hair styles and trends of the times can also make a big influence on what you consider to be minimalist. The simple tied back hair with a detailed piece in it could be perfect for the whole attire! It depends on what type of look you are going for and it really is a person preference, you have to be in love with your day, don't try to impress anyone else!


Designer Profile: Lela Rose

Lela rose is an American designer that has a unique style all to herself! she is very expressive and classic all at the same time! She is from Dallas Texas, and original went to the university of colorado to study painting and sculpture but then decided to take another path to explore design and the world of fashion. She went on to explore and got accepted into the Parsons school of design in New York City.

Lela Rose is not only a bridal designer but she also designs ready to wear fashion that is amazing! Everything is colourful and fun but has the feeling of overall sophistication around it, women that wear theses clothes need to walk with confidence, they represent the classic american women!

The bridal designs that Lela Creates are also amazing and sophisticated in their own ways! She has a whole bridal collection with bridesmaid gowns and head to toe bridal fashions! She designs clothing accessories and bridal ready to wear and gowns!

Her designs are truly american and classical with all of the styles and modern flares that they have within each collection!


Keep it simple!

When planning a wedding or event there is one special thing to keep in mind and that is to not over do it!! there can be a lot of decorations and a lot of decisions that need to be made when it comes to the theme and colours of the whole event!

This is a big deal, your wedding day is special and should be seen as everything you've ever wanted! When you try to put in so much of yourself into the wedding with colours and decorations and everything that you can get your hands on! Sometimes you need to take a step back and simple it down to make the wedding or event not so extravagant or a lot to handle for the guests and to much to look at. Sometimes this can be confusing, if you don't have one defined theme or colour scheme it can work in some instances, but sometimes it is just too much and it becomes overwhelming!

Most modern weddings are simple and have the feeling of modern and chic within them with one accent colour along side white or a cream, they usually incorporate a lot of greens in plants and succulents! They are lovely and show a true sense of simplicity, they are amazing and are so chic and not overwhelming at all! You just need to learn what you truly want to portray within your wedding or event and then make sure you can execute correctly!


The perfect Indie inspired wedding!

Indie is all about that cool feeling you get when you see something or someone, it radiates cool but simple tones! It is close to and often mistaken as bohemian but it is not the same, they both ahem slight differences! Indie is kind of the modern chic in a way, it is colourful but not to out there colourful, they are subtle and subdued!

Simple and chic is all the indie is about, some quirky accents! Indie also included some rocker aspects, they can have the feeling of a rustic wedding! These themed weddings can really depend on the type of person who is having the wedding, they determine what type of extreme the indie wedding is going to, there can be subtle hints of indie and then other aspects could be typical wedding things without a twist!

The colours are mostly subtle and subdued colours, they aren't usually bright and vibrant, most are darker colours or dulled down colours! They look amazing in the autumn when the weather is a bit darker and the leaves are changing and the sun is perfectly out, the dark reds and darker purples are great!! Also the great atmospheres for the colours and the styles are amazing in the autumn!

Indie weddings are truly rustic but have modern chic twists!


Colour scheme: Black and white wedding!!

Having a colour scheme for your wedding is a nice additive to make the whole thing amazing and just as you wanted! Black and white colour schemes are not ones that are thought of on a regular basis but they can be truly amazing, they can have colour without even adding any colour, they can have patterns, they can have a gradient to add the interest visually! There can also be a pop of colour within the scheme, they can have the sense of isolation within a colour, only showing one colour within florals or within an accent on a table setting or within the bridal party, they can make the centre of attention on them or the certain thing that you are trying to show off!

Black and white can be very isolating and can have their perks and downfalls but so can all other colours! If you see black and white as classy and elegant colours that you would like in your wedding why not go for it and have a bouquet of all white roses to show the elegance! These colours are also very modern and new becasue they arent shown as much as other colour schemes. Event weddings that are just white or black themed can have an impact on looking modern and fresh, they are a new take on colours and shades being incorporated into weddings!

Personally I love the white, I believe white is an amazing shade and can have so many opportunities to show off other attributes of the wedding or event you are trying to plan! If you have a personal preference to a colour or a certain type of way to display it then you can achieve it for sure!! Make your dreams a reality!!


Whimsical Retro themes!

Making theme for a wedding can be a little easier to execute a certain vision the way you would like! Themes are the perfect way to execute what type of wedding you would truly like to express how you are as people and to show people what you truly represent!

Themes are amazing when it comes to weddings or events, they make everything coherent and help to make everything work together well! A retro wedding is amazing and can be filled with all types of colours and designs! The whimsical feel throughout the theme can be shown within everything, it can be in a table setting, an isle, the lights and even the individual dresses and suits with all the accents of colour and the theme! Everything is amazing and can be perfect done with the right flowers and the right decor!

The retro theme is great when you want to show off your funny and whimsical side through the wedding or event! This is great for the summer or an outdoor wedding to show a spirit! Even if the dresses and suits are not with the theme is can be a nice a colourful retro wedding but with a modern flare in some different decor, you could have modern glasses but in the retro colours and settings! Mixing and matching the new with the old is amazing and a little bit of a throw back to what things used to be like!


Designer Profile: Julie Vino

Julie Vino is a bridal designer and makes amazing Bridal gowns. She has been artsy and artistically talented since she was just a child, soon after figuring out what fashion had to offer she began her passion within the fashion industry. She has a fashion design background and interned at a leading bridal fashion house, only five years ago she established herself as a bridal designer!

The dresses she designs have a flare of her own personal style in them, she likes to make most of the dresses with class and elegance, she combines Classic touches and Modern trends within her dresses to make sure they all show her ideas and designer touch. She describes her dresses and designs to be ”unique and different in the bridal market”.

For her designs she likes to take only the best and most unique accessories and fabrics, this is what truly makes her designs over the top amazing!! She also takes ideas and actual fabrics from France, Italy and india making the lace that these countries do especially makes the work she does truly amazing and makes it stand out more then other bridal designers.

These dresses are amazing and her collection are beautiful, in my opinion any of these dresses would look great on any body, if you are looking for a dress for your wedding difficulty do some research for this designer!

There is a trunk show for this particular designer, at Mona Lisa Bridal Gallery on April 19th, you do need to sign up ahead of time for this event so make sure you check out the website for further details :
The Address is 8099 Weston Road, Unit 2, Vaughn, Ontario, Phone number for the showroom is 905-851-0555 .

Make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!!