Red Accents

Red is known as being the colour of love! but when you want to incorporate it in your wedding it can be difficult to find spaces for it in a colour scheme! You can find subtle ways of incorporating the red you love into your wedding is such simple ways!

Incorporating red can be a lovely accent to another colour scheme, dark red and dark blue look great together, red and brown look nice together, even red and green look nice together!! There are so many choices to choose from when you are getting married a colour scheme is just another one!

Red accents would look great in the bouquet, in the floral arguments, in some candles around the place, in dropping fabric! There are also endless possibilities for this factor! You can also have different shades of red, you can have a nice subtle and calm red colour or you can have a bold bright red colour to accent things with! It is all up to you and how you feel would make your wedding look the best it could be!!


Fashion Report: Fendi Resort Collection 2017

Since it is summer and everyone needs a vacation once in a while, I have recently been trying to find my favourite resort wear collection that are couture and classic! There are so many to choose from but today we will look into the Fendi resort collection for 2017. This collection is new and ready to be and set new trends throughout the year!

The colours and patterns in this collection are not what you would think of if you tried to think of resort wear, they are more of a dark toned colour with deep reds, deep blues and blacks! The patterns are also very geometric and not what you would think of for a resort type of feel. I am in love with the innovation and the new thinking that Fendi brings to this resort collection! Its all about mixing patterns and keeping similar colours in a monotone theme! The silhouettes are amazing and give off the flowing resort feel that most would think about when they think of resorts!

There are bows and big sunglasses and anything else you could imagine! Not to mention amazing hand bags that are to die for!! Truly amazing!!


Red and White weddings!!

Happy Canada Day everyone! today we celebrate the country that supports its people in what they do and helps them in acts of freedom and rights!! I may be bias but I love Canada and I would not want to live anywhere else!!

To celebrate this day we will look into the colour scheme of red and white weddings!! These can be elegant and classy without trying! Adding a simple touch of red to a strictly white wedding can be amazing and just what it need to give it some character!

You can add a simple touch of red roses anywhere, a candle that is red on the tables, some red sashes around the chairs and even on a bridal gown that could be white already! So many options to incorporate red and white into a wedding! I do think this colour scheme works better in a winter or fall season rather than a summer or spring simply because the colours are darker and red goes well with darker tones, in spring and summer the colours are trending and vibrant to look at to compliment the warmer weather!!

Red and white are a classic combination and not just used on Canada day!


Red weddings!!

What better colour to show love then red! This colour can be shown in many different values and at many different intensities, red is a truly versatile and amazing colour for an event! The lovely rose comes in it most nature form as red, it would be the best accent to your red themed wedding if you choose to do so.

Red can be a very powerful colour but if you use it in the right way you can surly achieve great things with it. Subtle hints of red thought your wedding do show specks of love all over and they don't have to be in hearts and outwardly affectionate ways of showing red, they can be with elegant ribbons, or touches of roses in a bunch, red table settings. You can even go as subtle as having red shoes under your wedding dress. Your bouquet can be full of roses and other beautiful red flowers and so much more! Pairing a deep red with such pure whites is an amazing site when it is executed correctly, the simplest touches can make the most difference.

In the florals you can have red bouquets, red centre pieces and even red floral hanging decor! the possibilities are endless and amazing!! The trend of red usually falls in the season of fall and winter but it is great to explore anytime, you do not have to heavily base the reds on anything in particular, make them as much or as little of an accent as you would like and that you would have visioned for your special day!

Weather your favourite colour is red or you just think it is beautiful in this type of setting specifically, you need to make sure that you love it and everything about your wedding!! make it scream you and everything that your love is!!


What to do on Valentines day?

There always a question of what to do with yourself on valentines day? either you're single or in a loving relationship, but both options make Valentines day a difficult day to figure out. There are tons of options for both single and non single people, you just have to look for them. Depending on where you live in the world there will be different things to do, if you like in North American (Canada specifically!), you’ll know that it is too cold to have a picnic or do an outdoor activity, if you do live in a warmer area of the world there are many outdoor options to do. There is always something to do!

With your significant other you could choose to go out somewhere or stay in, either dine in or go out, there could always be a movie after dinner. Flowers are greatly appreciated on this day, the thought is what counts, there is really no need to plan, do what you feel will make you feel the best and most loved on this day. The single population does not have to mope on Valentines day, you can buy yourself flowers there are most likely beautiful arrangements around and beautiful thing to see, you could spend the day or night with your friends and family. This day is not just about a significant other, this day is about love and showing your love. So whoever you love show them you do especially on this day.

Valentines day is an amazing excuse to spoil your loved ones with love and the spirit of love, this day is special and should be made to be special.

We hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day and is able to spend it with loved ones in amazing ways! Be creative and speak with love!!

Happy Valentines day!