When people tell me “Margarita you are so passionate about what you do!” - It sometimes catches me by surprise as I don’t think you live any other way, especially in the creative field. The power you yield to do anything on your basic day, is ONLY due to the passion you have for your art/craft/idea. This video took me to that place where I not only felt the art come out on the screen but I felt the passion the director has to his craft, its such a pleasant feeling, that you get it, because its real and wholesome.  

I mean beside me trying not to go crazy on Nov 2nd at my local H&M - this caught my attention of course via its floral language - you talk to me with flowers right? But you already knew that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, this is when my #fashionworld collides with my #floralworld and I’m on cloud 9, check ou the magical video below the images and let me know what you think. 


Wedding trends you wouldn't expect!!

Taking a look at some of the recent trends for weddings that you would never expect are amazing and truly breath taking, some are things that you would have thought more people would love by now!

Two piece dresses, they are great for brides who want two dresses to get married in the traditional dress, and then for the reception they can take the long dress off and get a shorter dress to dance and have a good time in at the reception! Its the best of both worlds! Or maybe you just cant decide on a fit, so you can have both a ballgown dress and a mermaid all in one! Its just perfect!

A super awesome trend that you wouldn't really expect but think it would be a good idea, would be to have a live choir at your wedding! There is great idea to get the feeling of love and passion at your wedding! Especially a contemporary choir, they are great and will definitely put soul into the song that they are singing!

Most people lately are really interested in having their guests get involved in their wedding, there is a perfect way that is fun and exciting for everyone involved! Late night karaoke is the best! its fun to see who's good and not so great at singing and making the night fun and filled with laughs!

The traditional thing to end off a reception off right is with the cake cutting and some more sweet treats, recently in 2016 they have noticed that there is a growth in the couples wanting something different and more modern; most people have opted for cupcakes for individual people or event catching on to the recent donut trend, what else but donuts!! I believe that any sweet treat is a great way to end the night or add on to something amazing already!

Food inspired florals have been trending for a little bit now, these are one of the trends that I'm not sure about! Flowers are amazing, but complimenting them with fruits and vegetables can look nice sometimes, but when you just make an arrangement out of vegetables thats a special look that maybe someone would specifically want at their wedding; maybe not for everyone! (LOL)

I think stylish grooms are coming more and more into mainstream, they are finding their own voices and it is amazing! They do not just conform to what the bride wants them to wear anymore or what is most really available to them! They can seek for a coloured suit, maybe brown or dark blue, they can even switch it up and wear something that is white to match and make themselves stand out like a bride in all white!

All of these trends are amazing in their own ways! they all are inventive and have new ideas, they are taking it on as a trend and making it big to have the things at your wedding theses days! 2016 is the year of amazing individuality, lets keep it up!!


Fashion Report: Fendi Resort Collection 2017

Since it is summer and everyone needs a vacation once in a while, I have recently been trying to find my favourite resort wear collection that are couture and classic! There are so many to choose from but today we will look into the Fendi resort collection for 2017. This collection is new and ready to be and set new trends throughout the year!

The colours and patterns in this collection are not what you would think of if you tried to think of resort wear, they are more of a dark toned colour with deep reds, deep blues and blacks! The patterns are also very geometric and not what you would think of for a resort type of feel. I am in love with the innovation and the new thinking that Fendi brings to this resort collection! Its all about mixing patterns and keeping similar colours in a monotone theme! The silhouettes are amazing and give off the flowing resort feel that most would think about when they think of resorts!

There are bows and big sunglasses and anything else you could imagine! Not to mention amazing hand bags that are to die for!! Truly amazing!!


Wedding Confetti?

Some people may be wary of having confetti at they wedding or event! they might think it is to messy or childish! I think it adds a perfect touch of colour and fun to anything!! Confetti makes everyone excited and helps set the mood for your amazing day!

They work great outside with a summer wedding to help with the sun and the weather! They are a bit vintage and fun, they can really reflect the way you are as a person! Confetti explores the random and colourful season of summer or even in winter they work well! Its a great way to get your guests involved, they can help by showering you with confetti and making the day more eventful for them showing them that they are proud and can be adding something to that day!

Confetti can be in an colour, they can be brighter in the summer and darker toned in the winter to add some colour to a wedding! it also depends on the venue you use if they allow you to have some, and the colour scheme of your wedding to see if confetti would be too much colour or it would be something nice to add onto your monochromatic wedding or event!


Fashion: Mens suits

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?! A bride on her wedding day is amazing, but the underestimated factor of the man in a suit on his wedding day is great! They are equally as amazing and dressed up as the bride or groom it is there day as well!! The suits can always match the personality of the man wearing it, if they don't wear suits often or at all they might feel uncomfortable or pick a badly fitting suit, they do need guidance and a suit shop or rental shop is the best place for this, they are always willing to help!

The different colours a suit can be is amazing, they do not have to be as traditional as the white dress or a creme dress, they can be black, grey, brown, blue, light blue, dark red, white or even a champagne colour! they can match the brides dress or compliment it in a perfect way with little accents or they can match the aesthetic of the wedding and theme to make them a part of the atmosphere!

The shapes of suits vary for every man, it really depends on the build and the comfort level in a suit! There are tight fitting more a line suits that look nice on many men! The suit accentuates the fancy and more sophisticated affect of that male body, whatever silhouette.

Personally I love men in suits, I think it is amazing what they do for the body and the figure!! So choose your suit and your pocket square and undershirts and button ups carefully, they hold a lot of importance!


Bridal Veil styles!

Choosing to wear a veil at your wedding is a personal choice! They are so beautiful and there are so many types to choose from it can be confusing! The veils are most commonly thought of as a sign of modestly but they are really a sign roof personality and what you would like to portray. Veils are a great additive detail to your day to just make it the best!

There are a ton of different types of veils you can explore: there is the birdcage, the blusher, the fly away, the elbow, the fingertip, ballet, chapel, cathedral, Juliet cap, and the mantilla. All beautiful styles in their own ways, some are meant and designed for a certain person.

The birdcage is more of a personalized veil for the vintage bride, the fabric seems to bee more of a subtle pattern and very sheer. This is also a very short veil that is only meant to cover the face. Another short veil is the blusher veil, this one has no pattern but seems to be very whimsical, it appears to be flowing and very loose but short! The fly away veil is a veil that is medium in length and has a lot of volume within it, it sits further at the back of the head! The elbow veil is pretty much self explanatory, it go to the elbow and most of the time has some detailing at the ends, little lace details and beautiful! The fingertip veil is a fingertip length veil and it is a beautiful length, the flowing nature and the volume is great for any figure! There is the ballet veil that is a little bit longer then the fingertips, it falls perfectly on any body type! The chapel and cathedral veils are more traditional and typically european, they are very very beautiful and long, they usually touch the ground and add onto the design of the dress! The Juliet cap is a veil that sits closer to the back of the head, and usually has some detailing on the sides to hold it up, it is very flow and varies in length! Lastly the mantilla veil, the design is beautiful and has a lot of detail, this is once again more of a vintage veil, the detailing is lace and embroidery mostly, also being one of the shorter to medium length veils this makes a great statement to any dress!

Veils are so different and unique they make the perfect decoration and little piece of detail in your gown or dress. Truly beautiful!!


Flower Crowns!

How amazing are flower crowns? They just add a special flare to an everyday outfit or to an amazing event. Flower crowns can be worn with pretty much anything, they have this certain flare that nothing else like it has, they can vary in size, be small, large medium flowers, they can be real or fake flowers! Basically anything your heart desires in a flower crown!!

Flower crowns do not have a specific season, they do go better with warmer weather but they also are a great contrast piece if they have warmer coloured florals within winter months combined in a wedding or event or even a simple photo shoot! Everyday fashion included flower crowns all the time, they are seen in street style pieces all the time!

It is nice to dress up a nice floral crown once and a while, they offer a lot of colour and they can add to the top half of your body! using a flower crown on your wedding day for example can help add colour to the look, when wearing a pale dress you can use reds or blue to add more of an impact or you can stick with the classical pale pink florals to add to more of a theme with the dress if everything is coherent.

Floral crowns are very versatile, they are amazing and I love how they can be natural or fake, they are amazing creations and we love them very much!!!
Go pick out your favourite flower crown today and get ready for the warmer weather to come!!


Featured in Wedluxe

Exciting news! You can now take a look at some recent creatives by LUXE on the Wedluxe blog. As wedding season is upon us, let this creative inspire you with its boho chic theme. Styled and directed by Aleksandra Lipatova from A.L Wedding & Event Planning, the shoot aimed at capturing the ornate details and luxury of this summer’s trends.

There are so many ways to make a wedding not only trendy, but unique. Choosing a colour palette is the first step to distinguishing your style. The colour palette of this shoot focuses on earthy tones of pink, blue and green with gold and silver finishes. Let the accessories flourish by adding a feminine headpiece to your white ensemble or even some lightweight feathers.

All the florals were designed by yours truly, Luxe Events & Design. Adding little details such as satin ribbons and jewels to floral arrangements creates the perfect floral collection. Here we have a variety of roses combined with hydrangeas, lilies and hypericum berries.

Let’s not ignore the finishing details – such as the paper stationary by Megan Wappel Designs – loving the gold trims and typography. Additionally, a finely embroidered tablecloth such as this earthy pink linen sets the tone for a lovely dining table.

Check out the rest of the amazing photos captured by Purple Tree Photography right here. Let us know what you think.