Versace on the Floor


Hi Dahhhlings, as my #top10 2017 wedding series continues I want to talk about this sexy stylized shoot we did (amidst a crazy wedding season of course)  so its not really a wedding but it was  most definelty inspired by a wedding. And not just any wedding. I mean, I do weddings all year round, I do them in every season, for every budget, for every theme and pallets imaginable. But one thing I noticed in 2017 was that there was an increase in “lunch” weddings, couples want more options  then just to have a party and a dinner ( not that there is anything wrong with that) but people want options. 

So venues got smart and started to offer Fridays and Sundays and Day time weddings etc... not besides the different days of the week, now there are different vibe to the wedding too. This stylized shoot was designed to show just that.  There were two main ideas for this shoot - (one) was to have two brides ( I felt I saw 2 men more often then 2 women when it came to LGBT weddings) and (second) idea for this shoot was that it was a day time / cocktail style wedding. So forget the wine and the heavy dinner, here lay a fun totally sexy get together ( I mean who doesn’t want to wear a gown at day time lol ) surrounded by tons of bubbly, cocktail style bite sized desserts and instead of your traditional wedding cake there were gaudy donut walls more champagne and espresso of course!

So this is how I imagined it - guests would come inside a cocktail space furnished in gorgeous lounge furniture - candles  everywhere - its all about leisure and comfort yet looking Uber sexy as you do this. A huge  bar is there for you to get any drink you desire, ( mimosas proffered but then again its 5 o’clock somewhere right????) and of course as you talk, lounge, congratulations and eat, you have a stunning backdrop to take photos a la Vanity Fair.  I mean common !!!   I think that for couples that have less then 100 people - could totally pull this off and make it so utterly theirs with unique details and customer anything really. Its  like a brunch,almost - but a bit elevated. 

I think I’m gonna start a trend, what you guys think? Sexy cocktail style weddings, yup.

That’s it! :)  

This was a huge success, but a huge success take a huge team to put this whole thing together.  I am beyond thankful for the whole team and all the effort every one put here - 1000 % - this shoot was truly something special as Elegant Wedding Magazine actually put it on their 2018 Cover !!! WHAT !! YES AND YES.   And You can grab a copy at your local Indigo !!! like omg.         I know - we are so so thrilled. 

There is truly a special feel to this type of wedding,  I tell my clients all the time, when I enter into your space / reception/ hall whatever, what inside of it will tell me oh my god this is totally like so and so wedding?  ... right? Like what is it in the ambiance, what is it in the air that made it so YOU??   Hence this shoot right. I think that is the only way to do a wedding ohhhhh #micdrop

Below is the sexy cover, you can take a look and then the rest of the shoot - hope you enjoy it darlings


xoxo Margo


Catching up on trends!

There have been a lot of trends that have already become big in 2016, they have been seasonal and non seasonal trends that can be used an time. The trends have been varying from modern to rustic and everywhere in between!

Most of the modern trends have to do with the time and the trends that are happening in other aspects of the world, like fashion and style; they are big influencers in the wedding industry.

Floral walls are very in, they can be either hanging from the walls or from the ceiling, both are very in right now at this moment especially because of the summer and the beautiful florals that are available right now!

A hair trend would have to be the high classic ballerina bun, the vail can be perfect for this look and it is sleek and elegant! They can also be loose buns, even a low bun! Buns are so in right now! During the summer months it is a good look because the warmer weather helps with the hair and keeping it out of your face on a special day!

A nice treat for your wedding or event that is one trend right now would have to be donuts! they are all the rage right now! there are donuts everywhere!! Fancy colourful donuts are the best colourful treat for your guests!

Copper of course is in trend, who doesn't love a good metallic additive to any event! they are just so modern and chic but can be dressed down to be rustic or vintage! There are metallic press ons that are very popular on the invitations or thank you card that you give out! they can go right with the theme of your wedding or event to make people remember your amazing day even more!

Drone photography is really popular these days, they have new ways of achieving the birds eye view! Truly amazing to be able to capture the view of your wedding or event, it is creative and innovative!

There are so many more trends that are yet to come within 2016, this has been a great year so far!!


How to make your wedding extra personal!!

Personalizing your wedding can be tricky! There may be some obvious things that you could do to make your wedding stand out to be yours within a crowd of amazing weddings! There are tons of things to do to set your wedding a part though, you just have to think deep down what will actually set apart your very special day from others. There are decorations that can be hand made or certain gifts that can remind people of you and your relationship!

There are a couple simple things you can do like put monogram letters on a napkin, table setting, pictures, take aways and s much more!! You can also put some special quotes to you on a frame somewhere or put it on a table, you can get a special cake topper with your names on it and have that be he centre piece of room, there are adorable ways you can also show your personality, make a hanger that has a name in it so you will never forget, take pictures that are innovative and have a different dynamic then other wedding or event pictures (search for the right photographer), or you can simple write notes on the bottom of your shows to see and look back on how exactly you were feeling on the day! Something as simple as a location or a colour scheme can also make it personal for you individually!

So many personal things that you can add to make your wedding the best it can be for you and your partner!!


Biggest wedding dress tends to come: keep an eye open!!

Trends change all the time, they evolve and adapt to the times! Wedding dress trends also change, not at such a rapid pace but still changing with every season that new brands and designers come up with different ideas. There are always going to be timeless lines and collecting that have key styles, but you can be sure that puffy 80’s sleeves are not going to be coming back anytime soon!

One of the main focuses and statements of bridal 2016 so far has been sheer dresses, lace and all the linen that you can think of! Spanish inspired design houses like Naeem Kahn are very on point with this, the spring 2016 side of trends within the industry! Most of the retailed lines are shown as nude but not nude so that you feel comfortable wearing it around your family, there is something for everyone! The key of finding your perfect nude dress is making sure it shows off all the right assets, and tastefully accentuates your body in the perfect way for your special day!

Colour trends to come do include the light pale pinks and mint greens, but 2016 so far has been a pretty dark year, with the darker colours becoming more of a trend! Deep reds and modern gothic looks and moody have a romantic feeling. Designers like Inbal Dror and Vera Wang have been expressing this in recent collections.

Designer Angel Sanchez has added 3D floral applications to collections, which is personally my favourite and adds such a perfect touch to the dress, they are not overpowering but they have a simple and elegant touch to the dresses, plus flowers are just amazing!

Silhouettes are always fun to play with in the bridal industry! Oscar de la Renta often plays with the classic sweet but modern take on the silhouettes, but the dresses and gowns are amazing every time!

As long as you feel amazing in the dress it doesn't really matter if it follows the trends, you need to make yourself happy first!


Fashion and Weddings Collide

Fashion is a key part of the wedding and how a wedding turns out! Fashion has a part of everything that individuals decide, it is in the decor and especially in the set up and clothing choices within a wedding or even an event. Fashion is really a part of everyday life, you choose what to wear on a daily basis based off of something, that is called fashion any sense of it!

Fashion goes hand in hand with weddings, the colours and the styles of the clothing and dresses and decor, all of these things are influenced from some sort of fashion forecast and they truly represent the most up to date looks at what colours and styles are the trending the most for a certain season or a certain location. For example on a beach you would not really think of seeing a bride in a tight fitting dress with high heels on because that is just not the fashion expectation for a beach, it would be more of a flowing dress and either flats, no shoes or sandals so you do not sink into the sand on the beach while walking down the isle.

Fashion trends have a huge part in everything around us, colours and decor are all part of a fashion, they might not be the most standard or straight forward fashion that most people would recognize as ‘fashion’ but they are definitely a fashion form and derive from fashion and key trends.

There are a lot of fashion designers that have created bridal collections and at the same time a lot of bridal designers have chosen to also make ready to wear collections or haute couture collections. The trends follow under basically the same categories, the only difference is that wedding and bridal wear sometimes take more effort and thought because it has to be special, but they fall under the same fashion and silhouettes as most ready to wear or haute couture dresses!


Fashion: Mens suits

Who doesn't love a man in a suit?! A bride on her wedding day is amazing, but the underestimated factor of the man in a suit on his wedding day is great! They are equally as amazing and dressed up as the bride or groom it is there day as well!! The suits can always match the personality of the man wearing it, if they don't wear suits often or at all they might feel uncomfortable or pick a badly fitting suit, they do need guidance and a suit shop or rental shop is the best place for this, they are always willing to help!

The different colours a suit can be is amazing, they do not have to be as traditional as the white dress or a creme dress, they can be black, grey, brown, blue, light blue, dark red, white or even a champagne colour! they can match the brides dress or compliment it in a perfect way with little accents or they can match the aesthetic of the wedding and theme to make them a part of the atmosphere!

The shapes of suits vary for every man, it really depends on the build and the comfort level in a suit! There are tight fitting more a line suits that look nice on many men! The suit accentuates the fancy and more sophisticated affect of that male body, whatever silhouette.

Personally I love men in suits, I think it is amazing what they do for the body and the figure!! So choose your suit and your pocket square and undershirts and button ups carefully, they hold a lot of importance!


Bridal Veil styles!

Choosing to wear a veil at your wedding is a personal choice! They are so beautiful and there are so many types to choose from it can be confusing! The veils are most commonly thought of as a sign of modestly but they are really a sign roof personality and what you would like to portray. Veils are a great additive detail to your day to just make it the best!

There are a ton of different types of veils you can explore: there is the birdcage, the blusher, the fly away, the elbow, the fingertip, ballet, chapel, cathedral, Juliet cap, and the mantilla. All beautiful styles in their own ways, some are meant and designed for a certain person.

The birdcage is more of a personalized veil for the vintage bride, the fabric seems to bee more of a subtle pattern and very sheer. This is also a very short veil that is only meant to cover the face. Another short veil is the blusher veil, this one has no pattern but seems to be very whimsical, it appears to be flowing and very loose but short! The fly away veil is a veil that is medium in length and has a lot of volume within it, it sits further at the back of the head! The elbow veil is pretty much self explanatory, it go to the elbow and most of the time has some detailing at the ends, little lace details and beautiful! The fingertip veil is a fingertip length veil and it is a beautiful length, the flowing nature and the volume is great for any figure! There is the ballet veil that is a little bit longer then the fingertips, it falls perfectly on any body type! The chapel and cathedral veils are more traditional and typically european, they are very very beautiful and long, they usually touch the ground and add onto the design of the dress! The Juliet cap is a veil that sits closer to the back of the head, and usually has some detailing on the sides to hold it up, it is very flow and varies in length! Lastly the mantilla veil, the design is beautiful and has a lot of detail, this is once again more of a vintage veil, the detailing is lace and embroidery mostly, also being one of the shorter to medium length veils this makes a great statement to any dress!

Veils are so different and unique they make the perfect decoration and little piece of detail in your gown or dress. Truly beautiful!!


Aqua & Teal Weddings!

Teal and Aqua are amazing colours for the warm weather that is to come! Teal and Aqua are only some of the colours that are trending in spring 2016 for weddings, so this is a great idea to explore for the future weddings that might be held!

The amount of Teal and Aqua decorations you can find are amazing! There are wonderful candles and lanterns to give light and a nice feel to the wedding, there are also tons of florals that accentuate these colours and help them come out even further to make an impact.

There are dresses and ties and bows and ribbons that you can wear to help also with the theme, they are just additive factors to make sure everything is cohesive and works together nicely. Bridesmaids dresses and ties or pocket squares are very easily found during this season or spring summer because this is suck a popular colour. The little decor that is added not only to the ceremony but to the venue and to the bridal parties all adds to the aesthetics of the wedding and venue!! With using a colour to the best of its ability you can truly show your own colours and how you want others to see your love!

These colours are amazing and can be shown in a amazing way if paired with the right colours that compliment it or even if they are in a monochromatic form! they will look amazing at any venue!!!