Gucci Resort 2017 Collection

Gucci in my opinion is truly killing it these days! The advertisements and the clothes that are being created are amazing and so creative!! Gucci is a brand that expresses difference and the kind of different that is accepted in the fashion industry, this brand puts on a great show every fashion week. This resort wear collection is the perfect combination of design and creative minds, the combinations are amazing and so colourful.

In this collection there is definitely no lack of colour or pattern, but with Gucci when is there ever a lack of anything. This season has been just outstanding, Im not sure if its because of all the other content that has been created or the times that it is being created in and how all of these styles are truly universal and could be warn by anyone, anywhere.

Gucci expresses difference and in todays society that is something that is rarely done or not seen as pushing the boundaries. In the fashion industry we applaud difference and creativity, that is why I believe Gucci is doing a great job!! The 2017 resort collection expresses so much, individuality and power that it draws you in. This collection intrigued me to look more into Gucci as a brand; it makes you want to know more in a sense of the fashion evolution that took place and the branding that was put in!

TIP: If you want to stay caught up on the latest trends or fashion shows for all your favourite designers or design houses download or pull up a tab of or Vogue Runway!


Autumn is here!!

Since it is the beautiful crisp weather of autumn or fall as some might say why not take a little to realize the beauty of all the colours and florals that you can use to express this season! The colours are beautiful, the nature is amazing the weather is the perfect mix between hot and cold so it makes it nice to layer and all things that we all love!

Fall is the time when you can have beautiful pictures in the outdoors near some trees that are changing colour perfectly, these are beautiful with wedding colours that are on the darker side, for example dark burgundy or dark blue and browns! There are also so many great places that are outdoors to hold an event! You can do so much in fall; there are certain things you have to look out for when it comes to weather like the cold or wind, or even rain! Lets be honest who doesn't like the pumpkin patch or the idea of seeing family, or even wearing chunky knit sweaters because you can!!

Fall fashion is up there with some of my favourite, you can add additional layers that will help keep you warm but with the sun you can peal back when you get to warm, it is amazing!! The chunky scarves and blanket scarves, they're just all so amazing and comfortable, I really believe that this season is the season of comfort. When you can wear big comfy socks and sit reading a book with some coffee just looking at beautiful scenery!! Its just all so magical!!

Enjoy your first weeks of fall!!


Cinderella Themed Weddings!!

Who doesn't love a good fairytale? Everyone loves a childhood classic! Even if you don’t like the full idea of a a princess dress and all the glitter that would come along with it, you can still have a fairy tale wedding and enjoy it like a princess in your own way!

You can always incorporate pretty floral and dashes of pink in your table settings or the theme, you can go full out or you can have subtle hints to make it magical to find for guests and for yourself!! There can obviously be a lot of glitter and shining things because you want to for sure incorporate that extra boop into the day!!

You can always throw in a pumpkin and explore the literal route of cinderella like the disney movie!! There can be fairy god mothers and everything along those lines! The bridesmaids can dress in the colours of the fairy god mothers, you can even play around with your wedding pictures and act like you're loosing a slipper walking up the stairs and have your significant other follow after you!

There are so many ideas that you can consider when you want a cinderella wedding, unless you don't like glitter and pink… then make it your own!!


Niagara On the Lake Wedding Bliss!

Niagara On the Lake is located in the Niagara Region only about an hour and a half away from the Toronto area. The area is beautiful and a lovely place to hold a wedding year round! It has incredible historic sights as well as beautiful nature! This is one of the most romantic places to travel to in ontario, there have been studies that have shown that niagara on the lake is one of the most popular places in ontario to either have a wedding or elope in! How cool!

This beautiful area is not just about the vineries and the orchards, there is a lovely town with a big clock in the middle and so many boutiques to look in and explore! When holding a wedding in Niagara in The Lake you can always have the option of outdoor, with the beauty and the nature that is available that is always an option! So many historic hotels suck as Queens Landing or the Prince of Wales!! There are endless amounts of wineries, there is Pillar and Post, Inniskillin, and suck amazing other venues with beautiful scenery to see and explore for your big day!

Niagara On the Lake is one of my favourite place sin the Niagara area, the beauty and european feel brings me out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its a mini get away and not to far to travel to!!


Fall Florals!

Now that summer is almost at an end we can start thinking about the wonders of fall and the beautiful colours that we have to look forward to! Everyone gets excited for fall colours, especially when it means you can pull them out of your closet! Floral arrangements for fall are also amazing, it just adjusts the colours you use! You can use colours you like ad want to use at any point in the seasons but these are known for being fall colours! There are lots of plaids, you can incorporate plaid in any arrangement or centrepiece!

There are a couple colours that really stand out in the fall time, there are dark oranges and reds and deep browns, more earthy colours are trending this fall! The weather starts to get cooler and the colours get deeper instead of the summer colours from the previous season that are all vibrant and bright! Outdoor weddings can still be achieved and they can have a wonderful tie in with nature, they are still amazing, you just might have to add some heating lamps at night time because the fall tends to get cooler around when it starts to get dark out!

I love fall and personally can not wait for the colours and the feel of the leave falling off the trees making beautiful walkways of everyone!! The colours are just amazing everywhere you look!!


Romantic french inspired weddings!

France in the place where everyone dreams of visiting one day! they have a certain feeling and ideas of how France as a country is, it is elegant, classic and modern but also known as the place for love!! If you would like to show off the same type off feeling that you think about when you think of France in your wedding there are very simple ways you can do that.

The show off the romantic side of your wedding you can add personal details, things that mean a lot to you and things that mean a lot to your relationship! There are so many memories you can share or reveille at your wedding that invite guests to feel a part of your day, just like France, the cities show what they are historically and culturally thats what makes people feel so welcomed!

The colours you can use are endless, they are usually dulled down and not very vibrant, but once in a while you can throw in a vibrant pint or mint green! These look amazing in bouquets and floral arrangements. Bright and flowing in the key concept as well as classic and personal.

Romance in everywhere at a wedding it is the happiest day for the guests and the people involved!


Modern Minimalism: Wedding style!!

Sometimes the less you how is better! Minimalism is an amazing style that is for those who love a good simple colour or style and would like to show it all over the wedding or event you are hosting! Having a minimalist wedding is very easy you really just have to stick to one colour, usually white.

To pull of the minimalist look you need to have as little as possible or make it look like there is as little as possible out (make it deceivingly detailed), there can be cute decor like lights and florals but mainly just one colour of floral, the trend in 2016 so far has been to use green and greenery around, lots of succulents, lots of geometric holders and containers to fill the table spaces with. There has been a trend of having clear glass as well, there is a way that you can make the table look flawless by adding a little amount of decorations and just making it personal.

The overall appeal of the wedding has to be minimal if you are going to try to achieve this. This can also be cost effective, you wont have to buy as many supplies to create the biggest wedding ever. With the brides and grooms you can also achieve the look of minimalism with simple dresses and colours, a simple tie or bow tie for the men is perfect and thats all you need! For the bouquet you can keep it to one colour, maybe a pop of colour or just even a simple white bouquet with hints of another colour from your wedding in it would be perfect! The hair styles and trends of the times can also make a big influence on what you consider to be minimalist. The simple tied back hair with a detailed piece in it could be perfect for the whole attire! It depends on what type of look you are going for and it really is a person preference, you have to be in love with your day, don't try to impress anyone else!


Peach and Grey colour scheme!

Peach is a very spring and summer colour! Especially with it being peach season in ontario, peach is the perfect colour for a nice summer wedding! Pairing peach with a grey colour is the perfect way to explore a subtle colour but still have the classy feel of a neutral wedding! Having a colour theme for your wedding is great but you can stray from the colours once in a while, you can often throw in some greens and some blues that will look amazing when they are all paired together!

In a colour scheme you can use peach decorations and some grey accents! Floral bouquets are amazing because of all the different tons of peach and coral can make the contrast between a white dress or black suit look truly stunning! having draping peach and grey fabric either over chairs or hanging from a wall will look classy and sophisticated! These are truly amazing This colour in the summer would be amazing for an outdoor wedding or event, using tons of subtle ad natural colours is great and makes for one amazing wedding!