Biggest wedding dress tends to come: keep an eye open!!

Trends change all the time, they evolve and adapt to the times! Wedding dress trends also change, not at such a rapid pace but still changing with every season that new brands and designers come up with different ideas. There are always going to be timeless lines and collecting that have key styles, but you can be sure that puffy 80’s sleeves are not going to be coming back anytime soon!

One of the main focuses and statements of bridal 2016 so far has been sheer dresses, lace and all the linen that you can think of! Spanish inspired design houses like Naeem Kahn are very on point with this, the spring 2016 side of trends within the industry! Most of the retailed lines are shown as nude but not nude so that you feel comfortable wearing it around your family, there is something for everyone! The key of finding your perfect nude dress is making sure it shows off all the right assets, and tastefully accentuates your body in the perfect way for your special day!

Colour trends to come do include the light pale pinks and mint greens, but 2016 so far has been a pretty dark year, with the darker colours becoming more of a trend! Deep reds and modern gothic looks and moody have a romantic feeling. Designers like Inbal Dror and Vera Wang have been expressing this in recent collections.

Designer Angel Sanchez has added 3D floral applications to collections, which is personally my favourite and adds such a perfect touch to the dress, they are not overpowering but they have a simple and elegant touch to the dresses, plus flowers are just amazing!

Silhouettes are always fun to play with in the bridal industry! Oscar de la Renta often plays with the classic sweet but modern take on the silhouettes, but the dresses and gowns are amazing every time!

As long as you feel amazing in the dress it doesn't really matter if it follows the trends, you need to make yourself happy first!


Toronto Bridal Show April 8,9 & 10!!

Its that time of the year again where we have the opportunity to go to yet another Bridal show! We can not wait to show you all we have done in preparation and all of the new and exiting things we have been working on! The Toronto Bridal show is being held at the Enercare Centre, within Exhibition place Hall C. The show starts on Friday April 8th at 5 pm and goes until 9pm, and on Saturday and Sunday the show runs from 10am to 6pm. There is a bunch of give aways and so many interesting and nice things to see for any couple to check out before their wedding. In all of the exciting things included at this Bridal show there is a fashion shows each day of the event; on Friday it is at 7:30, on Saturday it is at 1pm and 5pm, and on Sunday there is one at 3pm. This should be a great opportunity to make new aware of the lovely arrangements and designs we are capable of, showing off the new spring layouts of florals and everything else that is lovely. Our booth is G708, so make sure you stop by if you're interested and come say hi!!
You can buy your tickets at the Toronto Bridal show website all until the day you would like to come: .

Seeing is how it is spring we are going to come fully loaded with spring flare and elegance, showing a whole new twist to the spring feeling!! All the beautiful colours and arrangements will make you so much more excited about planning a wedding!!

Don’t forget our booth is G708, don’t be shy and come and say hi to some friendly faces!



Beautiful Claramae & Jason got married this past August at the sexyThompson Hotel. Their wedding was full of class, sexy edgy elements and eternal chicness. Really truly a cooland stellar youthful wedding, mixed with beautiful feminine touches and family values of beauty and family jokes.

I loved working with the couple and get in tune with their feeling of what they wanted to accomplish for their vision.  i always talk about a "feeling" I mean after all isn't that what we all want? To feel loved, to feel good, to feel happy, to feel bliss and be surrounded by our loved ones?  Especially on our wedding day? So this was our goal,  it always is, to make our couples,and their guests feel, pleasure.  Pleasure to the eye and enjoy the surrounding.

Atmosphere creation is one of a kind really.

I love it!!!

Clarame wanted an all jewel bridal bouquet, we of course matched the boutonniere and made it a bejeweled boutonniere as well. Striped were accented where appropriate and complete with a stunning gown by Zac Pozen.

Colour scheme was Black/White/Blue/Blush/Bling

Feeling: Chic/ Graphic/Sexy/Intimate

Thank you for your kind words guys, here is what my darlings had to say after for our services:

"Margarita was recommended to us by a friend of mine and I can't say enough how fantastic she is!! She was amazing to work with, and understood what I wanted. You can see immediately that she's very passionate in what she does, and that she strives to make sure your vision comes to life. My husband and I were so stressed on our wedding day, that we forgot to give her instructions on some of the pieces we left for her to set up. During our reception, I could clearly see she didn't need them, because she knew exactly where they went, and what we needed them for. Our wedding and reception looked absolutely beautiful, and I had so many compliments!! It exceeded beyond expectations. You can see that a lot of love goes into her work, from creative brainstorming sessions, to her own personal touches. I would recommend her to any bride!"


xo always for the love of beauty,

Margarita Oudalova & team

Photography by Avangard Photography

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