Glitter wedding themes!

As we all know glitter can add something special that nothing else can! Either you love all of the glitter or you can do without it, there are also ways that you can subtly add glitter and that little bit of sparkle to the day in the perfect ways.

Have neutral glitter and sparkle can really make depth in the visuals that guests see when they come to your special day. You don't have to add glitter everywhere but you can have subtle hints like on table tops or in the table setting; candles and cutlery, everything little extra thing that you can add details with make eveything so much more amazing.

Glitter can add that little spunk to the wedding, these are specifically neutral colours that are gold and silver and rose gold, but there are all kinds of beautiful glitter; black glitter is a whole other level of amazing!! But only add glitter to you wedding or event when you would like, there are ways that you can combine other things to add some depth but little is just so perfect!!

Shine on!!


Cascading florals!

They can be table settings or just hanging florals that cascade down the length or width of whatever its on! The arrangements are beautiful in every way! they have a certain feel of white and beauty! they have the amazing ability to hold attention in the room but not be to over powering, they are one of a kind and different for everyone who has then and has created them!

Cascading florals can be from a stair case to a table setting to a hanging centre piece! there are so many options! You can eve have hanging florals from your arch! They are beautiful for pictures and amazing to look at for guests to experience!

The gravity defying effect catches the eyes of many and has a unique quality! cascading pieces are amazing in their own way and can be used in any way!