Romantic french inspired weddings!

France in the place where everyone dreams of visiting one day! they have a certain feeling and ideas of how France as a country is, it is elegant, classic and modern but also known as the place for love!! If you would like to show off the same type off feeling that you think about when you think of France in your wedding there are very simple ways you can do that.

The show off the romantic side of your wedding you can add personal details, things that mean a lot to you and things that mean a lot to your relationship! There are so many memories you can share or reveille at your wedding that invite guests to feel a part of your day, just like France, the cities show what they are historically and culturally thats what makes people feel so welcomed!

The colours you can use are endless, they are usually dulled down and not very vibrant, but once in a while you can throw in a vibrant pint or mint green! These look amazing in bouquets and floral arrangements. Bright and flowing in the key concept as well as classic and personal.

Romance in everywhere at a wedding it is the happiest day for the guests and the people involved!


Designer Profile: Anna Barge

Anna Barges is a company and designer that was founded in 1999, this brand is known for timeless classic looks that are sophisticated and elegant! The launch of this brand showed a mix of contemporary and classic styles, along side being detained and the finest materials around and what is available. There are three distinct collections that anne barge carries and creates- Anne Barge couture, Black label and Blue willow bride.

Anna Barge Couture- signature gowns and the most attention is spent on these, they are usually embellished with french laces Italian silks and fabrics and hand beaded embroidery. these designs are usually meant for the modern bride.

Black Label- This was launched in October 2013, This is for brides who want more of an evening wear dress feel to their gown. More like a red carpet look or going out to an event!

Blue Willow Bride- This was launched in 2012, this is the typical modern look that you want but at a more affordable price! This what meant to reach out to a larger audience of fashion lovers.

The bridal collections have been shown on many tv shows and shown on many red carpets! The philosophy is that a good design is timeless and these designs really do show that! They are amazing!


Designer Profile: Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad is a designer that is all around amazing, he not only is an amazing bridal designer but his ready to wear and couture collections are outstanding as well! He started designing in 1997, starting small and building a private client group first! Although he had always been interested in designing, as a child he recalled never letting a pen leave his hand because he always wanted to draw and explore designs! Zuhair showed his first couture designs at Haute Couture week in Paris in 2001, this gave him international coverage and more media spreading!! In 2005 Zuhair designed and showed his first ready to wear collection, it was to further expand his client base, the designs were simple yet aesthetically glamorous.

In 2012 Zuhair Murad moved his fashion house to an 11 story building in Gemmayze, in the hear of Beirut, this is not only offices but also houses some key designers, pattern makers, tailors and embroidery experts. In 2014 he finally incorporated the bridal section into his fashion house, this is where the wedding gowns are sold and displayed. Now bringing us to 2015 he has another office in Paris, that screams his style!!

The 2017 bridal collection caught my eye when I was looking through designers, the collection is stunning and has a ton of character! The lace and embroidery work on these are amazing and shows the skill of this brand! The colours are classic and amazing with the pearly white and off white. Truly amazing and a great idea of whats to come in 2017 bridal!


The perfect kate spade inspired wedding!

Kate spade is a lifestyle brand that exhibits the perfect balance of chic and modern with classic and edgy! It is bold and beautiful, the colours and the feelings you get from a kate spade event are out of this world! Kate spade carries everything from jewelry to hand bags to clothing for casual events and more event attire events!

Having a kate spade themed wedding is a trend at the moment because the late spade brand is booming! there are tons of colours and tons of different florals that can be used, there can be a mixture of patterns and its amazing! Stripes and poke dots are amazing with this brand and exciting it correctly, there are also a lot of gold and black accents as well! Just making sure that everything is colourful and modern but vibrant and still classic within silhouettes and settings!

These weddings are amazing for any floral arrangements, depending on the season the colours might change to match the themes! It is perfect for any wedding; its good for any season, indoor or outdoor…. just perfect!!


Colour Scheme: Layers of green!

You can pair any colour perfectly with another! choosing a colour scheme is amazing and will make your wedding so much more elegant! A wonderful colour that was very popular in 2015 and that hopes to be pulled back in through 2016 in autumn, is green.

Green is a kind of acquired taste, it can be used as an accent and it could also be used as something that you have as a main focus. There are tons of colours that work amazing with hints of olive or event act as the complimentary of the green. Light pinks look amazing with this colour! Greys and tans compliment this amazing green so much as well! For a more spring feel to your wedding or event there have been lovely combinations with grey and a dark blue mixed in with a green to add affect of a little bit of a dark scheme. Dark purples and dark reds also look amazing with all different shades and types of greens.

Metallics set this colour off in an amazing way! Copper and gold are just amazing in comparison with this colour! There are just so many shades and types of green that can be amazing to use! There is mint, sage and olive green to name a few! green is so versatile, it can be used as a summer colour, or it can be used as a darker, maybe winter or autumn colour.

If you love green let it shine through!!


All about the Necklines!

All about the neckline of a gown, your wedding day is all that you want it to be, you decide how much you want to show or not! there are of course more subtle necklines that are classic and more modest and then there are necklines that like to bare it all!

There are so many ways to express a neckline within and on a dress, there can be variations of certain necklines as well to make it just your own!

There are the typical necklines in things such as sweethearts, straight, off the shoulder, v-neck, halter strap, spaghetti straps; these are more of the traditional looks that can be given in a wedding gown, then there are the jewel neck, the scoop neck, the square, halter, high neck, Sabrina neck, asymmetrical, queen Anne line, illusion, cowl neck and the grecian.

The new looks that are in trend and on look right now would have to be a nice grecian beaded look, an illusion neckline is always beautiful, a high neck two piece neckline, and a nice v-neck!

All these necklines are beautiful and can truly compliment any body type! choose what is best for you and what you would like to see most on your figure to flatter what you have to show off!


Designer Profile: Reem Acra

Reem Acra is a designer in the bridal industry, the collection for 2017 really caught my eye when I was searching!! This Designer has a true elegance and shows her own within the bridal world! Her designs are the idea of global glamour and giving women the chance to steal her european style and understanding of fashion and to be what she believes to be the most beautiful and feel the most beautiful in her gowns and designs. There is a sense of Luxury within her designs and it shows within the strong women that carry these dresses. The ready to wear and bridal collections express the feelings of quality, this is appealing to certain clients and personalities of the people that are buying the dresses and the ready to wear collections. These appeal to people all of the world!!

Her fashion business was launched in 1997, with a bridal collection of course!! After working in interior design for a bit she did return to her fashion roots while travelling in New York and Hong Kong!And the designer was born!!

“The gowns became renowned for transforming classic bridal designs through the finest silks, intricate beading and exquisite embroidery.”

Showing a sense of elegance in her designs, a sense that these designs are timeless. Acra was discovered by a fashion editor while at university, and she was wearing a silk organza gown that she had created from her mothers dining room tablecloth and she had worn it to a party. Amazing!!

She is celebrated for her ability to design for the woman’s personality, she design for global icons and royal weddings!! One of the most well known wedding collection designers around!


Designer Profile: Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is one of the most credible wedding gown designers around today! Creating the band in 1996 with her husband now is considered one of the top fashion houses in design, quality and creativity. If you see a Monique Lhuiller dress you will know it, it will scream sophistication at its finest!

All the designs through the separate collections include a sense of sophisticated luxury, making one feel feminine, showing a strong glam factor and truly making a fashion statement! She creates ready to wear fashions as well as accessories and bridal collections, but is most well known for her bridal work! there are fur lines, jewelry lines and so much more in the sense of impeccable fashion. All of the collections are created with success because of monicker impeccable sense of style in her own life!

This brand is set to help women realize what an art fashion really is, Monique’s techniques definitely defy the conventions of day versus evening dress. Monique’s new accessory line now showcases a variety of different shoes and bags that are made in order for women to truly make a statement.

There is truly a strong sense of family in the designs Monique creates, being in a partnership with her husband and having two children just shows the dedication of the designer! You can find Monique Lhuillier designs through Monique Lhullier stores, premium department stores and finest stores throughout the world.