How to make your wedding extra personal!!

Personalizing your wedding can be tricky! There may be some obvious things that you could do to make your wedding stand out to be yours within a crowd of amazing weddings! There are tons of things to do to set your wedding a part though, you just have to think deep down what will actually set apart your very special day from others. There are decorations that can be hand made or certain gifts that can remind people of you and your relationship!

There are a couple simple things you can do like put monogram letters on a napkin, table setting, pictures, take aways and s much more!! You can also put some special quotes to you on a frame somewhere or put it on a table, you can get a special cake topper with your names on it and have that be he centre piece of room, there are adorable ways you can also show your personality, make a hanger that has a name in it so you will never forget, take pictures that are innovative and have a different dynamic then other wedding or event pictures (search for the right photographer), or you can simple write notes on the bottom of your shows to see and look back on how exactly you were feeling on the day! Something as simple as a location or a colour scheme can also make it personal for you individually!

So many personal things that you can add to make your wedding the best it can be for you and your partner!!


Designer Profile: Reem Acra

Reem Acra is a designer in the bridal industry, the collection for 2017 really caught my eye when I was searching!! This Designer has a true elegance and shows her own within the bridal world! Her designs are the idea of global glamour and giving women the chance to steal her european style and understanding of fashion and to be what she believes to be the most beautiful and feel the most beautiful in her gowns and designs. There is a sense of Luxury within her designs and it shows within the strong women that carry these dresses. The ready to wear and bridal collections express the feelings of quality, this is appealing to certain clients and personalities of the people that are buying the dresses and the ready to wear collections. These appeal to people all of the world!!

Her fashion business was launched in 1997, with a bridal collection of course!! After working in interior design for a bit she did return to her fashion roots while travelling in New York and Hong Kong!And the designer was born!!

“The gowns became renowned for transforming classic bridal designs through the finest silks, intricate beading and exquisite embroidery.”

Showing a sense of elegance in her designs, a sense that these designs are timeless. Acra was discovered by a fashion editor while at university, and she was wearing a silk organza gown that she had created from her mothers dining room tablecloth and she had worn it to a party. Amazing!!

She is celebrated for her ability to design for the woman’s personality, she design for global icons and royal weddings!! One of the most well known wedding collection designers around!


Happy April!! Spread the Floral joy!!

As it is now officially spring and we can rejoice about the amazing florals and weather hat will soon be coming! All the great colours and amazing arrangements that we have in store will be great!! I can not even begin to explore or explain the excitement that I am feeling just because of all the shop windows and displays all around that include florals and amazing ones at that!!!
If it could be this time of the year all the time would that be a problem??

As it is bringing the time of year when everyone becomes interested in Floral patterns why not look into how these patterns can be used within weddings and events?

You can incorporate this pattern into anything!! you need to be creative with it! You can always have a cake that has flowers on it and floral pattern, they can be lightly coloured with a beautiful icing and piping work done by great bakers all around the world! You can have more subtle hints of floral prints like within lace embroidery and table linens, plates and napkins, basically everything table related! You can have your wedding dress be a subtle lace floral pattern as well with flower accents in your hair and within the bouquet! Brides maid dresses can compliment the spring weather and theme if you are going for the floral feel!

You can always use floral patterns but why not also include real florals, some that accentuate the weather and the feeling of this time of year! Show as much floral as you would like, nobody is stopping you!


How to use baby’s breath the best way possible!!

Baby’s breath is very understated within florals, they are usually used to aid the bouquet and other floral arrangements but they can be used on their own and be as beautiful as ever! These simple florals are amazing and can be amazing when produced in the right manner and alongside the correct assembly and colours.

Baby’s breath can be used to make a whole bunch of different things, there are different aspects of a wedding that they can be used for. They can be used as centre pieces, halos, placed in hair for decoration, isle decor, and just general accents to other floral pieces as well! They are very versatile, they have the properties to be accents but also on their own and can hold a certain air of elegance.

Baby’s breath can be a bouquet on its own and it creates a simple and elegant accent to any decor that is at a wedding, the simplicity makes it so easy to match other florals and decorations with, its wonderful!

The versatility of baby’s breath is amazing it can be transformed into so many different things and be a part of so many different aspects in a wedding or event, The beauty it has shows when it is with other florals or simply by itself!! The fact that it looks just as beautiful by itself then with other florals is a sight and just amazing to me! There doesn't even have to be a certain theme in your wedding or event to use these lovely florals, they can be additive and just a figure to make somethings pop out better; so many ways to use them!!


Floral Chandeliers!

Having a chandelier at your wedding is something every girl dreams of, it makes the wedding so much more elegant! Adding flowers to a chandelier would make things even more interesting and more elegant…. with seems like it would be hard to do with the simple lighting of a chandelier being so amazing! Having floral arrangements on your chandelier will add so much glamour and presence within the lighting fixture, having these here makes everyone amazed from the floor all the way to the ceiling, adding touches everywhere you can of what you love.

Sometimes even a chandelier that has flower accents on it is amazing and will really make an impact of the wedding or event it is places designed for. Anything you do within a certain event has to make sure it coheres to the event it is held at, having a chandelier in a barn or out in a backyard does not seem to quite fit, but at an outdoor venue with a lovely scenery or in a garden or a hotel setting, this would be absolutely lovely! adding flowers just adds to the beauty of the accent or decoration in my opinion, florals give the sense of nature but without being outwardly in nature necessarily, flowers are so beautiful and really spice up whatever is happening. Whatever colour scheme the event is you can match the florals in with the chandelier to add some personalization to the event, instead of taking a chandelier that is already there are using it as a typical accent, place some floral arrangements on top and make it personal and just yours!!

Flowers can add beauty and depth to basically anything you can think of, even a chandelier with all its beauty and lighting ability it has already! Florals and lighting can be a great mix and a subtle but classy way to add special touches to whatever you would like to achieve.


April love - Sam & Abena

So I want to tell you about Sam & Abena. They were the ones to kick off our 2014 Wedding season early this April. 

We have met last year and started organizing their magical day with pastel colours, swatches, flowers, and accessory  of their choice.  Everything had a romantic, great gatsby feel about it, from the dresses, to the accessories, to the linens, the flowers, gold candelabras, glittered table numbers, dripping pearls etc...

I always say that pictures speak way louder then words, so I will just let you enjoy these, 

The professional pictures are still to come, but here is the main feel of the event. 

LUXE have provided the decor, furniture rentals and florals for this wedding. I love including some behind the scenes shots, so you will see the wedding photographer taking some shots, the couple's favor for their guests ( Chocolate from their country Ghana yummm) the custom table number holders made by the bride herself (glitter glitter glitter)  and of course you can see the two married lovebirds with me at tear down in the end of the night, love them so much, thank you for sharing your day with us.