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This past October we had the pleasure of designing a gorgeous wedding at The Doctor's House. The wedding was elegant yet super artsy and full of soft floral details. I mean I couldn't ask for a more freeing design mode - I was just moving,doing, creating, feeling it all - as it was so fulfilling to create this magic for our clients. I appreciate it more then words can say. I thank my whole team for such a remarkable event, you are simply the best.

We had it all capture on camera for you - by the duo team of  Summit ArtWorks, thank you!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do... xoxoox Margo

Marvellous Mauve

Mauve is the new pink and is beginning to takeover the world of weddings. It a beautiful soft and subtle shade of pale purple/pink that exudes romance and beauty.

This color is starting to pop up within wedding decor, bridesmaids dresses and of course within wedding and event floral arrangements.

The color mauve can also be used within lighting of events to represent sunsets and add an extra touch!

Within color psychology mauve has both hints or if blue shades representing calmness and serenity, as well as shades of red representing fire and passion. Mauve is often associated with luxury and royalty while also depicting romance and passion.

This color is the perfect shade to add into details of your big wedding day, and is continuing to grow in popularity for the upcoming spring 2017 wedding season!

The beauty of a floral arch!!

When getting married you can choose to have an arch to add to your wedding back drop or not! sometimes it is a cultural or religious act but somethings it is strictly ascetic. These simply are amazing and a work of art all in themselves! They create a gravity defying balance of beauty that people cant take their eyes off of!

These amazing floral arches do tend to suit the outdoors better then an indoor arch, but they can really be used anywhere! They can be for a beach wedding or a garden wedding to a rustic wedding in a barn!

Any type of floral will go with these, just make sure to compliment the arch and the style of arch; either rounded or squared! They have to fit the mood or theme of your wedding or event because they can be to much of a distraction if they stand out too much! When you're standing in front of it you still need to be the centre of attention! These can be powerful but you have to make sure they are not to overbearing an they do not attack more attention then just for the background!

These are truly amazing and are so nice when they are executed! On your day make sure everything is up to your standards and make sure everything is what you dreamed it would be!!


flowers, nature and everything colourful!

Everyone one knows how lovely a floral arrangment can be and it can add something different to an event; Nature in general has the same effect as floral arrangments. In wedding and event design nature plays a key part in success of the event, it adds life and gives colour.

With natural elements in an event the whole room can light up and come something so much more then what is inside, combining nature and technology is one way to successfully achieve the look, using contrast to your advantage to show all the amazing things both parties have to offer. Showing how nature can be combined in such simple way like within centrepieces and arraignments and hanging pieces, they can show a great deal of detail and how much effort has been put into a certain event. Different forms of nature can effect the feeling of your event; if you have florals and loads of them, they can add colour to your event and show spirit, if you have branches or grass or trees it can possibly show how in tune you are to nature and how you want to incorporate it on your special day!

Having an outdoor wedding is a sure way to incorporate the natural elements within your day! Adding touches of fabrics and sparkle or lights can also incorporate more then just the nature of having a beautiful outdoor wedding, it can supply a lovely touch of indoor feel to a natural setting. Having an outdoor wedding can supply guests with the amazing experience to enjoy your wedding or event and also experience the great outdoors; fresh winds and the smells of the season; I would recommend having an outdoor wedding when the weather is on the warmer side so guests don't freeze and not have a chance to enjoy the event. If the weather seems to be on the verge of rain or any other not so nice weather, just have a back up tent so you can still enjoy the scenery of the beautiful outdoors!


Palais Royal Wedding - Anna + Jeremy tie the knot

As I'm looking back at this past season of weddings, I can' t help but think of the amazing team of people that surrounds me and OUDALOVA Events & Design constantly. I love my OUDALOVA Events & Design girls, my husband who is my partner in the business who always, always stands beside me and the company's growth, my creative industry collaborators and numerous publications that love what we do and thus feature it on their platforms.  I guess what I'm trying to say that, ALL these people are extremely important to me, to the company and I'm so grateful. This wouldn't' be possible without them.

In the images below, we captured a bit of what we did for Anna's and Jeremy's wedding last May at the beautiful Palais Royale. I always show behind the scenes as it shows what we do so literally and hopefully you will get a better feel of who we are (as a company and a team) and how much we love what we do (sometimes we get tired, but we are trying to always look good while doing it lol )



Margarita & OUDALOVA Events & Design Team

Behind the scenes with the craziest, best, sexiest team EVER!!

Wedding Pictures:

Photos by: Fang Su

The Wedding Planner Magazine - Cover Editorial feature Fall 2014 issue

We are so humbled to have been chosen to Creatively direct and design the floral crown adorning the cover of The Wedding Planner Magazine - currently selling their  FALL ISSUE 2014 at Indigo and Chapters across GTA.

Inspired by red wine, grapes, succulents and burgundy roses, we event coloured the ivy leaves in gold for a bit of a "goddess" look.  Its all about inspiration, dreams and magic.


I hope you feel the same

xo Oudalova Events & Design Team.