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This past October we had the pleasure of designing a gorgeous wedding at The Doctor's House. The wedding was elegant yet super artsy and full of soft floral details. I mean I couldn't ask for a more freeing design mode - I was just moving,doing, creating, feeling it all - as it was so fulfilling to create this magic for our clients. I appreciate it more then words can say. I thank my whole team for such a remarkable event, you are simply the best.

We had it all capture on camera for you - by the duo team of  Summit ArtWorks, thank you!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do... xoxoox Margo

Silver and Gold!!!

You can add a hint of silver or gold into your wedding like it is suppose to be there even if it is not! These metallic shades are truly amazing and can bring life where ever they go, they can be placed where you would like and they are perfect to make events and weddings so much more special and colourful with that air of elegance and class within them! These shades are true amazing to make any event, you don’t need to revolve your whole wedding or event around these colours they are great accent colours as well, they work well with almost every shade of colour, they can take the secondary role of the colours and then you can make another colour a primary, or you can flip it around and make subtle hints of the colour and the main primary colour the gold or silver beautiful colours!

There are many forms you can implement these colours in with, you can use it in lighting, decorations, floral vases, wedding cakes, table settings, hair pieces, centre pieces, and many many other things!!

These colours can be used in amazing ways to give off light and a sense of class to your surroundings, they are just such lovely colours that they can only add to your vision of the perfect event or wedding!!


Marvellous Mauve

Mauve is the new pink and is beginning to takeover the world of weddings. It a beautiful soft and subtle shade of pale purple/pink that exudes romance and beauty.

This color is starting to pop up within wedding decor, bridesmaids dresses and of course within wedding and event floral arrangements.

The color mauve can also be used within lighting of events to represent sunsets and add an extra touch!

Within color psychology mauve has both hints or if blue shades representing calmness and serenity, as well as shades of red representing fire and passion. Mauve is often associated with luxury and royalty while also depicting romance and passion.

This color is the perfect shade to add into details of your big wedding day, and is continuing to grow in popularity for the upcoming spring 2017 wedding season!


Floral RENAISSANCE is right!!!

As the on going life of a business owner never stops(It's true we dont sleep) I stumbled upon these photos taken around this time last year.  I do a lot of work with flowers, besides weddings and events , my favorites are installations and custom designs.   For this project though I had to go more artistic and refined where I got the chance to experiment with floral jewellery.  Playing on the lines of the jewellery, the organic flow and smooth textures of the florals, made this shoot absolutely heavenly. Sometimes you really do have to get our of the ordinary to do extraordinary things. Do you have something unique planned for your wedding? How did you go about creating it? I'd love to hear about it - let me know in the comments below. xo


Concept and Floral Creations by Margarita Oudalova

Photography by Carla Silva of Photasia Photography ReImagined

Makeup and Hair by Shawna Lee of Judy Inc

Dresses and Location by Mona Lisa Bridal Gallery


your vibe attracts your tribe

your vibe attracts your tribe

I have a tradition for the New Year at OED - and its is a portrait session I do with my fab team! This time around we did a dramatic #Dolce&Gabbana style shoot. We filled the studio with flowers, accessories and coffee and just spend time together, as well as take beautiful photos of course.

The same as our company's style, this shoot was classic mixed with a bit of sexy. We loved combining the blacks and whites, adding the soft pastel roses and modern glistening accessories. The Classic, The Glam, The RockNRoll and The Dapper one -  all captured in the most perfect way. 

Photography by Photasia Photography ReImagined

Makeup and Hair by The Art of Makeup and Hair

P.S - we can't wait for next year shoot.....