Forest weddings!

Forests are amazing, they are nature and greenery, all so amazing! You can really have your own enchanted forest for your wedding or event! Make the accents of you decorations either compliment or contrast the forest theme you have chosen as your venue! There are forests all around as well, you just have to travel somewhere that has a good amount of trees and you are set! A nature preserve or a camp cite would be perfect places because they have just the right amount of forest feel but are still involved with civilization!

There are tons of ways to decorate these venues as well! You can have a neutral colour scheme or go and contrast the colour of the nature with some pinks or blues! There are so many options when you choose an outdoor venue like this one! For table settings or isle runners you can incorporate some of the nature within and also add some lights and cute accents to make the venue that much more special for your day!

The possibilities are endless and when is a better time to explore forests and outdoor venues other than in summer!


Red and White weddings!!

Happy Canada Day everyone! today we celebrate the country that supports its people in what they do and helps them in acts of freedom and rights!! I may be bias but I love Canada and I would not want to live anywhere else!!

To celebrate this day we will look into the colour scheme of red and white weddings!! These can be elegant and classy without trying! Adding a simple touch of red to a strictly white wedding can be amazing and just what it need to give it some character!

You can add a simple touch of red roses anywhere, a candle that is red on the tables, some red sashes around the chairs and even on a bridal gown that could be white already! So many options to incorporate red and white into a wedding! I do think this colour scheme works better in a winter or fall season rather than a summer or spring simply because the colours are darker and red goes well with darker tones, in spring and summer the colours are trending and vibrant to look at to compliment the warmer weather!!

Red and white are a classic combination and not just used on Canada day!


Fashion Friday: Copper Weddings!

Copper is a colour or metallic shade that most people wouldn't think of including in their wedding! It is such a beautiful colour and it accents anything that you pair with it! The metallic colour that copper poses is amazing and can be used for any theme in any season!

This colour can be used in so many ways for so many different decor items! Floral arrangements go well with a copper ribbon or a copper band around them, and table settings are amazing with accents of copper within cups and cutlery!

Little accents of copper make a wedding look classy and retro! The copper accents do make the feel of the wedding more vintage but at the same time you can make the modern copper fell different if thats the look you would like! Keeping the theme throughout the whole atmosphere is key to make the copper feel work throughout the wedding and venue depending on how much copper you would actually like!

Copper is amazing and very understated, it is not placed with gold and silver because some people do not think of all the beautiful things that is can be paired with and make pop in a wedding setting!!