Red Accents

Red is known as being the colour of love! but when you want to incorporate it in your wedding it can be difficult to find spaces for it in a colour scheme! You can find subtle ways of incorporating the red you love into your wedding is such simple ways!

Incorporating red can be a lovely accent to another colour scheme, dark red and dark blue look great together, red and brown look nice together, even red and green look nice together!! There are so many choices to choose from when you are getting married a colour scheme is just another one!

Red accents would look great in the bouquet, in the floral arguments, in some candles around the place, in dropping fabric! There are also endless possibilities for this factor! You can also have different shades of red, you can have a nice subtle and calm red colour or you can have a bold bright red colour to accent things with! It is all up to you and how you feel would make your wedding look the best it could be!!


Peach and Grey colour scheme!

Peach is a very spring and summer colour! Especially with it being peach season in ontario, peach is the perfect colour for a nice summer wedding! Pairing peach with a grey colour is the perfect way to explore a subtle colour but still have the classy feel of a neutral wedding! Having a colour theme for your wedding is great but you can stray from the colours once in a while, you can often throw in some greens and some blues that will look amazing when they are all paired together!

In a colour scheme you can use peach decorations and some grey accents! Floral bouquets are amazing because of all the different tons of peach and coral can make the contrast between a white dress or black suit look truly stunning! having draping peach and grey fabric either over chairs or hanging from a wall will look classy and sophisticated! These are truly amazing This colour in the summer would be amazing for an outdoor wedding or event, using tons of subtle ad natural colours is great and makes for one amazing wedding!


Boat Weddings!!

Either you love boats or you are a fan of them but are not to fond of getting on one! There are solutions for you! Having a boat themed wedding doe not necessarily mean that you have to go on a boat to hold your day, it can be themed like it is on a boat; nautical accents give this vibe! The wedding doesn't have to be on a boat, you can hold the reception on a boat and have the wedding on a dock then move right over! These are amazing and the views you have and are capable of having an amazing time with your friends and family!

On the boat you can have florals and candles, beautiful fabric dropped and amazing to go with your theme! Or you can have a nautical themed wedding that can incorporate things from boats like anchors and wheels, things can be coloured like the dark blues and nautical colours with stripes and whites! The weddings that have nautical themes are amazing and can have tons of florals and tons of decorations!

Boat weddings and themed weddings are amazing and can have the best outcomes!