Glitter wedding themes!

As we all know glitter can add something special that nothing else can! Either you love all of the glitter or you can do without it, there are also ways that you can subtly add glitter and that little bit of sparkle to the day in the perfect ways.

Have neutral glitter and sparkle can really make depth in the visuals that guests see when they come to your special day. You don't have to add glitter everywhere but you can have subtle hints like on table tops or in the table setting; candles and cutlery, everything little extra thing that you can add details with make eveything so much more amazing.

Glitter can add that little spunk to the wedding, these are specifically neutral colours that are gold and silver and rose gold, but there are all kinds of beautiful glitter; black glitter is a whole other level of amazing!! But only add glitter to you wedding or event when you would like, there are ways that you can combine other things to add some depth but little is just so perfect!!

Shine on!!


Peach and Grey colour scheme!

Peach is a very spring and summer colour! Especially with it being peach season in ontario, peach is the perfect colour for a nice summer wedding! Pairing peach with a grey colour is the perfect way to explore a subtle colour but still have the classy feel of a neutral wedding! Having a colour theme for your wedding is great but you can stray from the colours once in a while, you can often throw in some greens and some blues that will look amazing when they are all paired together!

In a colour scheme you can use peach decorations and some grey accents! Floral bouquets are amazing because of all the different tons of peach and coral can make the contrast between a white dress or black suit look truly stunning! having draping peach and grey fabric either over chairs or hanging from a wall will look classy and sophisticated! These are truly amazing This colour in the summer would be amazing for an outdoor wedding or event, using tons of subtle ad natural colours is great and makes for one amazing wedding!


Forest weddings!

Forests are amazing, they are nature and greenery, all so amazing! You can really have your own enchanted forest for your wedding or event! Make the accents of you decorations either compliment or contrast the forest theme you have chosen as your venue! There are forests all around as well, you just have to travel somewhere that has a good amount of trees and you are set! A nature preserve or a camp cite would be perfect places because they have just the right amount of forest feel but are still involved with civilization!

There are tons of ways to decorate these venues as well! You can have a neutral colour scheme or go and contrast the colour of the nature with some pinks or blues! There are so many options when you choose an outdoor venue like this one! For table settings or isle runners you can incorporate some of the nature within and also add some lights and cute accents to make the venue that much more special for your day!

The possibilities are endless and when is a better time to explore forests and outdoor venues other than in summer!