Peach and Grey colour scheme!

Peach is a very spring and summer colour! Especially with it being peach season in ontario, peach is the perfect colour for a nice summer wedding! Pairing peach with a grey colour is the perfect way to explore a subtle colour but still have the classy feel of a neutral wedding! Having a colour theme for your wedding is great but you can stray from the colours once in a while, you can often throw in some greens and some blues that will look amazing when they are all paired together!

In a colour scheme you can use peach decorations and some grey accents! Floral bouquets are amazing because of all the different tons of peach and coral can make the contrast between a white dress or black suit look truly stunning! having draping peach and grey fabric either over chairs or hanging from a wall will look classy and sophisticated! These are truly amazing This colour in the summer would be amazing for an outdoor wedding or event, using tons of subtle ad natural colours is great and makes for one amazing wedding!


Spring is here!!

Spring is the perfect time to have a wedding or event! the weather is surly amazing with the perfect mixture of cool breeze and warm sun with amazing florals sprouting and beginning to look like summer. The floral are amazing with choices of soft colours to compliment your venue and theme of course! the only thing you would have to worry about during this time of year is rain, that might put a damper on your photo plans or if you are having an outdoor venue you might need to think of back up options to enjoy your day.

The amazing florals that you can choose at this time of year is great, there are tulips, daisies. peonies, lilacs, anemone, daffodils, wax flowers, ranunculus and orchids!! they all have beautiful colour and give off amazing vibes of spring for any theme or direction you are going in. Spring is the key time to explore with colours too, you can have subtle hints of amazing colours throughout your event showing off the sense of season. There are wonderful pale pinks, purples, reds, pinks, anything you can imagine!

Spring is an amazing season to have fun with your ideas and excite them wonderfully! All the possibilities are there and for anyone to explore, spring is a wonderful time to do this!

Happy spring!


Which season to choose for your wedding?

There are a bunch of different factors to bring into consideration when choosing the season to have your wedding in. It could depend on your favourite season, when you got engaged, what works with your job and work life, when it would be most assessable for guests at your wedding and so much more! There is spring, summer, autumn and winter and everyone has their favourite season within the months and times of year.

It can depend on the time of year and the holiday season that appeals to you or just the weather to help out for that extra beauty you would like. Whatever season you choose make sure that you are going to be happy with it, make sure that it will be your favourite time of year and you will always remember it!

Spring: - Be wary for rain (April showers) - Outdoor wedding season - Lots of beautiful blooming flowers - Pastel weddings are popular! - Garden Venues are amazing!!
- flowers crowns (perfect and soo cute!!)

Summer: - outdoor weddings are great! (beware of bugs and heat) - Low back or off the shoulder gowns are very popular for this time of the year - sandals and strapped heals are great! - Food trucks are so cute, and late night snacks with bonfires and snacks! - wildflowers are very in, even in the bouquet - short bridesmaids dresses add to the summer feel!

Winter: - winter is different in every country, either your winters are cold or warm a winter wedding is always beautiful! - Dark colours are amazing contrasts with the grey and white tones of the season - snow makes for great wedding photos (even though it may be cold!) - you can fit a holiday theme (Christmas is always a great time!!) - comfort food is always well received in this weather - warm drinks (hot chocolate bar, Coffee, Tea, Ect.) - Candles and dreamy lighting to add to the warmth of the venue or just the general warmth within the room!

Autumn: - great time to get married, the weather is not to cold and not to warm! (perfect!!) - darker colours are nice at this time, berries and greys are very nice! - Lace is amazing in any season, but a long sleeved lace dress is perfect for this season! - gold and cooper with leaves are great for centrepieces - outdoor weddings are amazing, the weather is perfect for it! - orange toned colours for Photos are amazing!

Choose what makes you happy!!!


Why Choose Local Florals?

The majority of flowers in Canada are imported from Latin America. Gorgeous exotic flowers can be sourced from other countries (we had the pleasure of delicious white orchids from Ecuador a little while ago) and certainly there is more variety especially with the unpredictable Canadian weather. (Shout out to the it-feels-like-there's-no-oxygen-in-the-air weather we've been having lately. Love it though.) 

However, it is important to support local floral farmers, and they're blooms can be just as gorgeous, if not more. The following are some things to consider which might make local buying the best option for your wedding or event. 

For the trend loving girls and boys out there, local buying is the new cool thing to do! With the picked from the garden look making waves in wedding design, this is the perfect opportunity to support local farmers. They will provide freshly cut seasonal blooms perfect for this aesthetic. Seasonal flowers also provide a seasonal aesthetic and it's a gorgeous way to celebrate the season. 

Generally, flowers are also much healthier when they reach you from a local farm. I mean that makes sense: less travel, no plane ride, no middle man; they come straight from the garden to you. This means they'll be longer lasting as well! Not to mention that there really is no other feeling like getting a bouquet of fresh just-picked-from-the-garden flowers. 

Last but not least, as mentioned in the beginning, it is very important to support our local farmers. Not only will our support insure the future and sustainability of local Canadian agriculture but, on a smaller level, we'll also be supporting local families and jobs. 

So let's support our fellow Canadian farmers today! 



Seasonal Color Trends

Seasons bring a beautiful palette of nature's colors with them and there is truly no better inspiration than the wonders of nature. This inspiration, in part, brings about the seasonal fashion and decor color trends. Each forecast compliments the dramatic beauty of the seasons and a wedding planned around a seasonal aesthetic can be nothing short of dramatically beautiful itself. The following are color forecasts for upcoming seasons to compliment each aesthetic. 

F/W 2015

Mauve and Gold 

Deep Red

Royal Blue

Grayed Jade (Pantone's Desert Sage)

Scuba Blue


S/S 2016





Hydrangea Blue (Pastel Blue)

Pastel Yellow



The Spring Issue for The Wedding Planner Magazine (ontario)

What a wonderful time of the year it is, snow is still on the ground but inside secretly we are planning for spring. Well in the publication world is the same, planning for  the March Issue of The Wedding Planner Magazine is in full swing, and as the Creative Director for the magazine the Spring Issue is almost done and getting ready to go for print. But of course I couldn't leave you with just hopes and dreams till you can buy your copy at a local Chapter & Indigo, here is a sneak peak video from Ryan Apigo

xo Margarita and team OUDALOVA