Life full of dreams!!

On your dream day why not incorporate a dream catcher!! A dream day with a dream catcher! They add a simple detail in the decor of a whole wedding or event! Some people think that there is a bohemian feel to some dream catchers, but it doesn't have to be a completely bohemian wedding! You can have a neutral wedding with a simple colour scheme and to have some colourful dream catcher or to have some lovely dream catcher accents in a setting that you would like.

You can also go complete bohemian which is amazing and wonderful for the colour schemes you can pull off, you can add dreamcatchers on the tables or on the walls to accent your theme even more. You can have dream catchers as a memory to show guests how much you appreciate their well wishes and how much you like their presence at the wedding by inviting them into your life as it starts as one. The new journey you will be taking will have a lot of dreams, so dream catchers are very fitting for the wedding occasion.


The perfect Indie inspired wedding!

Indie is all about that cool feeling you get when you see something or someone, it radiates cool but simple tones! It is close to and often mistaken as bohemian but it is not the same, they both ahem slight differences! Indie is kind of the modern chic in a way, it is colourful but not to out there colourful, they are subtle and subdued!

Simple and chic is all the indie is about, some quirky accents! Indie also included some rocker aspects, they can have the feeling of a rustic wedding! These themed weddings can really depend on the type of person who is having the wedding, they determine what type of extreme the indie wedding is going to, there can be subtle hints of indie and then other aspects could be typical wedding things without a twist!

The colours are mostly subtle and subdued colours, they aren't usually bright and vibrant, most are darker colours or dulled down colours! They look amazing in the autumn when the weather is a bit darker and the leaves are changing and the sun is perfectly out, the dark reds and darker purples are great!! Also the great atmospheres for the colours and the styles are amazing in the autumn!

Indie weddings are truly rustic but have modern chic twists!


Biggest wedding dress tends to come: keep an eye open!!

Trends change all the time, they evolve and adapt to the times! Wedding dress trends also change, not at such a rapid pace but still changing with every season that new brands and designers come up with different ideas. There are always going to be timeless lines and collecting that have key styles, but you can be sure that puffy 80’s sleeves are not going to be coming back anytime soon!

One of the main focuses and statements of bridal 2016 so far has been sheer dresses, lace and all the linen that you can think of! Spanish inspired design houses like Naeem Kahn are very on point with this, the spring 2016 side of trends within the industry! Most of the retailed lines are shown as nude but not nude so that you feel comfortable wearing it around your family, there is something for everyone! The key of finding your perfect nude dress is making sure it shows off all the right assets, and tastefully accentuates your body in the perfect way for your special day!

Colour trends to come do include the light pale pinks and mint greens, but 2016 so far has been a pretty dark year, with the darker colours becoming more of a trend! Deep reds and modern gothic looks and moody have a romantic feeling. Designers like Inbal Dror and Vera Wang have been expressing this in recent collections.

Designer Angel Sanchez has added 3D floral applications to collections, which is personally my favourite and adds such a perfect touch to the dress, they are not overpowering but they have a simple and elegant touch to the dresses, plus flowers are just amazing!

Silhouettes are always fun to play with in the bridal industry! Oscar de la Renta often plays with the classic sweet but modern take on the silhouettes, but the dresses and gowns are amazing every time!

As long as you feel amazing in the dress it doesn't really matter if it follows the trends, you need to make yourself happy first!


Fashion and Weddings Collide

Fashion is a key part of the wedding and how a wedding turns out! Fashion has a part of everything that individuals decide, it is in the decor and especially in the set up and clothing choices within a wedding or even an event. Fashion is really a part of everyday life, you choose what to wear on a daily basis based off of something, that is called fashion any sense of it!

Fashion goes hand in hand with weddings, the colours and the styles of the clothing and dresses and decor, all of these things are influenced from some sort of fashion forecast and they truly represent the most up to date looks at what colours and styles are the trending the most for a certain season or a certain location. For example on a beach you would not really think of seeing a bride in a tight fitting dress with high heels on because that is just not the fashion expectation for a beach, it would be more of a flowing dress and either flats, no shoes or sandals so you do not sink into the sand on the beach while walking down the isle.

Fashion trends have a huge part in everything around us, colours and decor are all part of a fashion, they might not be the most standard or straight forward fashion that most people would recognize as ‘fashion’ but they are definitely a fashion form and derive from fashion and key trends.

There are a lot of fashion designers that have created bridal collections and at the same time a lot of bridal designers have chosen to also make ready to wear collections or haute couture collections. The trends follow under basically the same categories, the only difference is that wedding and bridal wear sometimes take more effort and thought because it has to be special, but they fall under the same fashion and silhouettes as most ready to wear or haute couture dresses!


Whimsical Retro themes!

Making theme for a wedding can be a little easier to execute a certain vision the way you would like! Themes are the perfect way to execute what type of wedding you would truly like to express how you are as people and to show people what you truly represent!

Themes are amazing when it comes to weddings or events, they make everything coherent and help to make everything work together well! A retro wedding is amazing and can be filled with all types of colours and designs! The whimsical feel throughout the theme can be shown within everything, it can be in a table setting, an isle, the lights and even the individual dresses and suits with all the accents of colour and the theme! Everything is amazing and can be perfect done with the right flowers and the right decor!

The retro theme is great when you want to show off your funny and whimsical side through the wedding or event! This is great for the summer or an outdoor wedding to show a spirit! Even if the dresses and suits are not with the theme is can be a nice a colourful retro wedding but with a modern flare in some different decor, you could have modern glasses but in the retro colours and settings! Mixing and matching the new with the old is amazing and a little bit of a throw back to what things used to be like!