Trending: Coloured glasswear on your tables!

For a wedding table settings are so important to how you want your guests to perceive your day! A coloured glass makes everything come together! This trend has been a constant one throughout 2016 so far, the coloured drinking glasses or just some colourful glasswork like vases and setting pieces!

Coloured glass is a great idea if you want a subtle accent to make a colour more prominent in your wedding or event, it can be that factor that helps emphasis it! The coloured glass can bring in accents of a bouquet, it can have certain things that its ties in or it can just be a vase that hold florals that makes the florals stand out! There are tons of different options on how to use these coloured glasses! You can have all matching colours, different colours, fun patterns… whatever you desire! Just make sure you have your wedding or event the best and the way you have always dreamed of and if that includes these beautiful coloured glassware then you use it to the best of your ability!


Fashion and Weddings Collide

Fashion is a key part of the wedding and how a wedding turns out! Fashion has a part of everything that individuals decide, it is in the decor and especially in the set up and clothing choices within a wedding or even an event. Fashion is really a part of everyday life, you choose what to wear on a daily basis based off of something, that is called fashion any sense of it!

Fashion goes hand in hand with weddings, the colours and the styles of the clothing and dresses and decor, all of these things are influenced from some sort of fashion forecast and they truly represent the most up to date looks at what colours and styles are the trending the most for a certain season or a certain location. For example on a beach you would not really think of seeing a bride in a tight fitting dress with high heels on because that is just not the fashion expectation for a beach, it would be more of a flowing dress and either flats, no shoes or sandals so you do not sink into the sand on the beach while walking down the isle.

Fashion trends have a huge part in everything around us, colours and decor are all part of a fashion, they might not be the most standard or straight forward fashion that most people would recognize as ‘fashion’ but they are definitely a fashion form and derive from fashion and key trends.

There are a lot of fashion designers that have created bridal collections and at the same time a lot of bridal designers have chosen to also make ready to wear collections or haute couture collections. The trends follow under basically the same categories, the only difference is that wedding and bridal wear sometimes take more effort and thought because it has to be special, but they fall under the same fashion and silhouettes as most ready to wear or haute couture dresses!