Toasting the newly wed's!

When writing a speech or a toast for a special someone on their wedding day there is 2 approaches you can go with: humorous and light or something deep and emotional.

If your going with the humour route, a toast is your chance to share a funny, embarrassing or special memory of the couple with your friends and family. Jokes during toasts are always a fun way to keep the mood light and make your guests belt out a good laugh.

Having an emotional and heart touching speech is also a beautiful thing to hear at a wedding. Show your love for your family by sharing some of your sweetest and inner thoughts of appreciation.

No matter your approach to writing this toast, have fun and speak from your heart, your loved ones will appreciate you taking the time so share your thoughts and emotions with them and your guests will absolutely love it too!


Household items that can save your big day

Even with months of planning and perfect execution, mistakes and accidents can happen the day of your big event… in fact, in most cases they WILL happen!

But that’s okay.. Stay calm and keep moving! With perfect planning these little accidents can be fixed without breaking a sweat. Plan an emergency kit to help you fix any small detail that may go wrong and leave this kit with your trusty helper for the day of the event.

What do we put in this kit? Here are some suggestions!

• Scissors (fabric and regular) • Ribbon or string • A lighter (for candles) • Fabric pins and safety pins • A mini sewing kit • Crazy glue • Measuring tape • Tape and double sided tape • Tide to go • Lint roller

These small household items can be a game-changer when you are in desperate need! Our team here at Ouda Lova events and design carry these items with us at all times in case of an emergency!

Just stay composed and remember that proper planning can make all the difference!

5 Wedding details that are trending now!

The wedding world is like the fashion world, its constantly changing and growing, and new innovations can always be seen within the details of a wedding. Whether you are a simple bride, or a bride who wants her big day to be the big bang, the details are what can make your special day a very unforgettable memory.

Let’s take a look at what’s HOT in the wedding world right now…

1. A perfectly imperfect look:

The goal is to have a wedding that looks effortlessly beautiful, however still eclectic and stylish. More and more clients want simplistic designs that still pack a punch in beauty. Remember that with perfect execution, minimalistic doesn’t have to mean boring!

2. Dreamy florals:

Florals are back and are dominating the wedding scene. Beautiful big arrangements with greenery and texture are hot this year and work well for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Whether you are having your wedding at a glam hall venue or having a rustic outdoor wedding, floral arrangements are the way to perfectly represent your theme and set the tone.

3. Twinkling candles:

Candles are a great **detail to add romance to any wedding whether its small detailing on tabletops or you go big with a candle-lit aisle to create the WOW-factor. When it’s time to dim the lights and put the spotlight on the bride those candles twinkle and shine and create a striking and dreamy ambiance.

4. White and Gold:

White and gold are trending colors this year and are constantly being used in wedding décor. Its simple, its elegant and its absolutely fabulous! These simplistic colors can make such a bold statement within your décor and your floral arrangements.

5. Bling! Bling! And oh…. MORE BLING!

There is never a moment where you can say there is too much bling. Crystals and sparkles make a statement and glam up your wedding. Bling is the perfect way to astonish your guests for that bride who wants to go big or go home. It can be used within almost any element of your wedding - from centre pieces, to floral arrangements, and of course, on the brides dress and jewelry!

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered" -Giorgio Armani

Outdoor weddings: why are they so special?

Having an outdoor wedding can appeal to certain types of people more then others. Some people like the beauty of the outdoors while others absolutely hate it! Its all down to preference. Having an outdoor wedding can be just as beautiful as an indoor wedding, the decor would change slightly and the scenery would add to your event, all of the factors coming into play when having an outdoor wedding. But sure there is a chance the weather would not be nice, so obviously you would take your chances with that, rain or shine you need to make your beautiful day work wonderfully!

The outdoor wedding is something I find truly inspiring, the range of places people choose to go for their special days and how it affects the guests and others around, the whole feeling is just different from an indoor wedding. An outdoor wedding has so much to offer in terms of what you can add to accentuate the outdoors within your event, with an indoor wedding you can only add so much greenery, you can add plants and trees and obviously flowers but when you are already outdoors that is already there and available for you to use. You also have the ability of choosing the season; the summer is lovely for weddings but you can run the risk of being to warm (yes of course there is such a thing) but you need to make sure your guests will enjoy your day, the spring is gorgeous, all the flowers and beautiful colours around, winter might be a bit cold, its great for photos because of the beautiful snow and white backgrounds but the outdoor factor could potentially be an issue. Of course if you wanted a winter wedding but would like it to be warm, destination weddings are always amazing, they make beauty stream throughout your wedding simply because it has different vibes then anything else you already know and makes things so much more special. There are a ton of decor options, you can really do anything with an outdoor wedding, there can be tents and flower arguments and everything there is an an indoor wedding, just in the fresh crisp outdoors.

Make sure you like the vides of outdoors, you have to fall completely involve with a concept before you change your mind and are not fully in love with how your day will turn out! LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!



We had such an amazing week, as we started this week of receiving the amazing news of being published on the gorgeous Grace Ormond Wedding Style Blog. You can see the full, fun Dolce Vita Style Engagement Shoot shot by Carla Silva and styled by Margarita Oudalova, MUH by Maryellen Nault

Having a Garden Opulence kind of a couple of days, when client's vision is pure Bohemia and abundance, gotta love ourbrides and their lush, live and exotic vision.

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 4.27.59 PM.png

Orders starting to come in and our ROSABOX is quite the popular girl in the GTA, this one particular blush number was sent out to a special lady for her birthday!  You can see the rest of them on our online store.

And of course here is a close up, cause this blush beauty is just that -  A BEAUTY!!

We love seeing our clients reactions when they see a ROSABOX gifted to them, ahhh le sigh ~ we not gonna lie, we love flowers and we love making people happy! xoxox

2016 is so so so close, and we are working on concepts and new ideas for private luxe parties and celebrations, birthdays and engagements, and who is better then the triple threat for some inspirations @JeffLeatham, @PrestonBailey and @JungLee


My Week In Pictures

It's been a while since our last  My Week in Pictures post (apologies for that).  But we can't wait to bring you up to speed on all the beautiful projects we've been working on, including a pop-up shop and a beautiful wedding full of seriously perfect orchids. Let's get started!

|ANNOUNCEMENT| Let's start off with an exciting announcement! Our Rosa Boxes will be launching on our website very soon. So stay tuned for a shop section on the site with gorgeous, classic Rosa Boxes like this one! PS. Those are green orchids! Stunning aren't they?


|BTS| Lots of projects on the go: wedding and event designing, decorating is in full swing! Peaches and pinks and crystals mixed with peonies and floating walls of course!!!


Taking a breather with Starbucks and peonies of course as I plan my next move. Lots of wedding prep and planning to go!


|POP-UP BOUTIQUE| We hosted a pop-up floral boutique at the luxurious MoroCo Chocolat on Saturday June 27th in beautiful Yorkville! It was a wonderful experience. 


Flowers in tea cups and delicious french cuisine was what our pop-up boutique at MoroCo was all about! 


|BTS| It's all in the details folks! Wedding prep in full swing. 


|CANADA DAY| Yup, we were filling our trucks with gorgeous flowers on July 1rst! 


|FLOWERS| Stunning roses and orchids delivered from Ecuador for an upcoming wedding. Seriously best deliveries ever! 


And this is how we put those blooms to use for this past Saturday's wedding! Full design production, florals and decor done by the Oudalova team. We're all about creating custom designs such as this to let your individuality shine through! 


And after a full day of production and design, the floor becomes my best friend (still surrounded by gorgeous flowers of course) 

10 Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues in the GTA

Weddings come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and settings, and each one is uniquely beautiful.  We think outdoor weddings are especially charming with the beautiful greenery, expansive views and fresh air they can offer. An outdoor wedding can cater to all sorts of different styles and tastes: you can go for the rustic charm, garden wedding, or a polished contemporary setting. The generous selection of beautiful venues- many of which are historical sites- in the GTA offer versatile grounds and gardens for a variety of weddings. Our job is to inject luxurious design into each venue to personalize it to your story!

Below are 10 of our favourite locations in the GTA with beautiful outdoor locations and facilities for a wedding. 

Belcroft Estates

2539 14 Line

The Belcroft estates feature barns, a beautiful courtyard and pavilion, perfect for an elegantly rustic wedding. The barns make for a perfect back drop to a reception and the pavilion is a beautiful setting for the ceremony.

 Black Creek Pioneer Village         

1000 Murray Ross Parkway

This location features two settings for a ceremony: Town Hall Green and Victoria Green. Both are described as lush green, romantic spaces. Town hall Green is in the heart of the village with the town hall as the backdrop. Victoria Green is a private outdoor space and is an extension to the Victoria Reception Hall.  

Casa Loma

1 Austin Terrace

Casa Loma is known for its beautifully grand rooms. The gardens, however, are an excellent spot for a contemporary garden wedding with the beautiful gothic castle as a backdrop. The gardens feature “sparkling fountains” and “unusual sculptures” along with the colourful, artistic settings of flowers, shrubs and trees. 

The Estates of Sunnybrook

2075 Bayview Ave

Within this Gatsby-esque venue, it’s the Maclean house that provides the gorgeous, expansive gardens. The Vaughn estate also has outdoor patio areas overlooking the Don River Ravine. 

Fantasy Farm

50 Pottery Rd.

Minutes from downtown Toronto and City Hall, Fantasy Farm specializes in outdoor weddings with their many private gardens. They’ve been Toronto’s Premier Celebration Place since 1943.

Miller Lash House

130 Old Kingston Rd

Exclusive use of this venue means a tent on the patio along with grassy fields, forest and rushing stream all of which is surrounded by gardens overlooking the Highland creek.

The Old Mill Inn and Spa

21 Old Mill Rd.

For an outdoor wedding here, the Wedding Garden is the perfect spot. With the Tudor style mansion as the backdrop and the Humber River running parallel to the private family patio this is the perfect place to have a picturesque, romantic garden party. 

Toronto Botanical Gardens

777 Lawrence Ave East

The indoor reception halls in this venue, the Floral Hall and the Garden Hal, are made to feel like the outdoors. The courtyards surrounding these halls are described as a relaxing, innovative green space. Photography, reception and ceremony can all happen within this venue. 

Palais Royale

1601 Lakeshore Blvd W

The patio at Palais Royale is the perfect luxuriously romantic setting for a wedding. The view of Lake Ontario and of the sunset are nothing short of amazing and create a perfect opportunity for a beautiful photo shoot.