Designer Profile: Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is one of the most credible wedding gown designers around today! Creating the band in 1996 with her husband now is considered one of the top fashion houses in design, quality and creativity. If you see a Monique Lhuiller dress you will know it, it will scream sophistication at its finest!

All the designs through the separate collections include a sense of sophisticated luxury, making one feel feminine, showing a strong glam factor and truly making a fashion statement! She creates ready to wear fashions as well as accessories and bridal collections, but is most well known for her bridal work! there are fur lines, jewelry lines and so much more in the sense of impeccable fashion. All of the collections are created with success because of monicker impeccable sense of style in her own life!

This brand is set to help women realize what an art fashion really is, Monique’s techniques definitely defy the conventions of day versus evening dress. Monique’s new accessory line now showcases a variety of different shoes and bags that are made in order for women to truly make a statement.

There is truly a strong sense of family in the designs Monique creates, being in a partnership with her husband and having two children just shows the dedication of the designer! You can find Monique Lhuillier designs through Monique Lhullier stores, premium department stores and finest stores throughout the world.


Which season to choose for your wedding?

There are a bunch of different factors to bring into consideration when choosing the season to have your wedding in. It could depend on your favourite season, when you got engaged, what works with your job and work life, when it would be most assessable for guests at your wedding and so much more! There is spring, summer, autumn and winter and everyone has their favourite season within the months and times of year.

It can depend on the time of year and the holiday season that appeals to you or just the weather to help out for that extra beauty you would like. Whatever season you choose make sure that you are going to be happy with it, make sure that it will be your favourite time of year and you will always remember it!

Spring: - Be wary for rain (April showers) - Outdoor wedding season - Lots of beautiful blooming flowers - Pastel weddings are popular! - Garden Venues are amazing!!
- flowers crowns (perfect and soo cute!!)

Summer: - outdoor weddings are great! (beware of bugs and heat) - Low back or off the shoulder gowns are very popular for this time of the year - sandals and strapped heals are great! - Food trucks are so cute, and late night snacks with bonfires and snacks! - wildflowers are very in, even in the bouquet - short bridesmaids dresses add to the summer feel!

Winter: - winter is different in every country, either your winters are cold or warm a winter wedding is always beautiful! - Dark colours are amazing contrasts with the grey and white tones of the season - snow makes for great wedding photos (even though it may be cold!) - you can fit a holiday theme (Christmas is always a great time!!) - comfort food is always well received in this weather - warm drinks (hot chocolate bar, Coffee, Tea, Ect.) - Candles and dreamy lighting to add to the warmth of the venue or just the general warmth within the room!

Autumn: - great time to get married, the weather is not to cold and not to warm! (perfect!!) - darker colours are nice at this time, berries and greys are very nice! - Lace is amazing in any season, but a long sleeved lace dress is perfect for this season! - gold and cooper with leaves are great for centrepieces - outdoor weddings are amazing, the weather is perfect for it! - orange toned colours for Photos are amazing!

Choose what makes you happy!!!