Reds and Golds to celebrate the 2019 CNY

There are two reason why I love Chinese New Year here in Canada.

1) The ceremonial love and pouring of teas, I mean being Russian we love our teas and kinda feel in tune with the symbolism that comes with it and a daily routine of tea drinking is just up my ally. Plus I love love love drinking my tea from delicate fine china (who doesn’t ) and on an Eve of the Chinese New Year is so much more reason to.

2) I love the COLOUR RED!! Hello, yes yes I know the Russian thing again, but no honestly, what a glorious colour ( after black of course) and when you pair it with GOLD, are you kidding me????? So royal yet so delicate, so fancy and in your face - utter beauty - that combination is music to my eye! Wish people where more gutsy about this colour in their daily lives and especially events ( and not only on Valentine’s Day)

From the whole team at OED we are wishing you LOVE, LUCK AND ABUNDANCE FOR 2019, MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE!


Produced and Directed by @oneheartfilms

Co Produced and Styled by @oudalovaeventsdesign

Photography by

Gown by @christopherPaunil

Jewels by @AlanAnderson

Model: Jackie McRae / Spot 6 Management

Venue: @windsorarmshotel


Video Stills below:

Eve harlow: my muse ? or my sister ?

Well actually, she is my sister first and then she's my ultimate muse! She is beautiful, but you know  the kind of beauty that painters got inspired by, the kind of beauty prince fought the dragons for, yes THAT kind of beautiful. And besides she has all these other little things that make her fabulous, like she is smart, and kind and vegan lol and a total artiste! AND probably read every book ever written !!! GAWD!!!

Anyhow, not only that but she is still manages to stay true to her self and be completely humble while doing her thing in Hollywood. She shot movies besides Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Beil, and was in supportive roles in shows like Heroes reborn and The 100.

I could go on but for me, she's my sis, yup, pretty simple lol. I do love to shoot with her though, she is such a Comeleon - she can be scary, pretty and sexy all a the same time, like WTF right?? But yes she can, and maybe that is her super power. While shooting Heroes Reboen in Toronto she was interviewed for the monthly Wedlux E-Magazine - I totally love this article check it out below - and to it attached  the shoot we did with her while she was here. We don’t see each other often but when we do ~ we love creating magic !!! 

You can find the full story here but here are some of the most gorgeous imagery you’l ever see - please let me know  what you think- we have another gorgeouse shoot planned with Eve soon; (yes she’s coming for a visit yayyyyy) and I simply can’t wait!!! Xoxo Margo 

My two loves, #Fashion and #Flowers

Sometimes I ask my self, if I could take one word or one expression and describe my self, what would it be? If my friends & clients  could use one word to describe me, what would they say? If I could choose of word to describe what I love most ( career wise) what would it be?  

After many pondering sessions and data collecting from friends, clients and acquaintances, I come to one consolation:  there are always two words:  Fashion & Flowers. And it is totally not surprising but I had to go round and round to realize why they mean so much to me. 

Fashion: well that is a no brainer - I have loved fashion since I can remember, in high school I was the one to always dress up and copy French Vogue outfits etc... -  now when you think of that think of a 14 year old girl, wearing suspenders, and ripped jeans, and super out there shoes, basically I got inspired by magazine and runways - and executed it as much as I could on my day to day outfits. Now when you are 14, 15  I‘ll be real,  I was a complete outcast and the black sheep in the crowd. But It felt right and I wanted to express my self, so ce la vie, that is who I was and that what I was going to wear, too bad for you. 

As I was growing up I knew I wanted to live in a big city and persu my fashion dream, it was Parsons or Ryerson - well as most of you know - Ryerson it  was for me in the early 2000’s. As a side note, as long as I remember my adult life, I was always trying to do something on the side, I always tried to come up with ways to express my self, my taste, my style, however you want to name it - It always tried to come out. My internal entrepreneur if you wish- I don’t know, I think you kinda grow in to the role, I  always was trying to come out lol - at one point I was importing russian jewelry called Gzhel, it was sold in gifts shops and one of a kind shows. I had a vintage clothing shop on EBay and was selling vintage angora and cashmere sweaters there, at the same time - I gathered some personal shopping  clients, I simply wanted to start something of my own, something  I would be proud of calling my own.

With a diploma in interior design and visual merchandising, a bachelor in fashion and a mom that breathes floral design I guess a future in events might have been a no brainer for the the outsider but to me, I feel like I literally fell into this. I remember I had a classmate in college, and as mentioned above I didn’t know where my path was going to take me and I shared the frustration, she said it’s funny how we don’t want and don’t see the obvious of what we are meant to do. 

She was right.  

Now I know.  

I was was meant to be here, I was meant to do this.   

I create things. I create experiences. I want them to be theatrical  and grand and make you ~FEEL~ 

These are some of my favorote fashion runways that always leave me breathless,what do you think ? Would something like this take your breath away? 

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you  

xoxo Margo  

The Matha Queen of Crowns

Yup, I said it. I called my self the Mutha Queen Of Floral Crowns. This is how this post came to be...



I think I was born loving crowns  really. Yes, the longer I think about it the more I see that besides my portfolio ( that clearly shows my love for any type of crowns) I also love head bands, hats, head scarves and any head accessories. But today I’ll talk mostly about crowns. I think that I knew crowns first from Russian Folk Stories or Fairytales- every traditional outfit was complimented by a beautiful crown  like head accessory called the Kokoshnik. Wikipedia description of it is :” The kokoshnik (Russian: коко́шник, IPA:[kɐˈkoʂnʲɪk]) is a traditionalRussianheaddress worn by women and girls to accompany the sarafan, primarily worn in the northern regions of Russia in the 16th to 19th centuries.”

When I started in this beautiful creative business, I mean lets get real, brides usually will not Wear a crown, they would try a tiara, put a long veil or a very uniqu hair piece, but in reality crown is too bulky to wear for th wedding day. (well on a runway they do - that’s why I love runways its kinda like theatre and everything is extra!) So knowing  that - the only other way to exude “extra” and bring queens to life I created crowns for  creative bridal and non bridal shoots.   Forward now though, crowns are everyything and everywhere, Crown’s images on Tshirt’s, crown centerpieces, crown on the runways - which leads to mass following and thus cultural norm.  Jewellers and accessories designers started making them in a more minimal shapes and size - similar to tiara sizes - but yet looking like crowns. 

For weddings I am still to see a bride wearing something over the top encrusted with jewels, ( besides the Royal wedding) and even they keep it quite minimal.  

I went through my phone the other day and wowza, I just had crowns and crowns and crowns images on there, non stop through the scroll. A definite reocurance - I like crowns, what can I say. If I had one I‘d probably wear it every day -hmmmmmm I wonder .... lol just kidding -  anyway here are some of our crowns below - I enjoyed  making every. Single. One of them, for different projects and events, promotions and stylized shoot, each and everyone made me feel  at ease and in my own space. I just love creating beauty - I can’t help it.... so I hope you enjoy watching these too, let me know what you think in the comments below:

Here is a little tid bit into our process. I create the case or bones of the crown first and really that could be created from anything and everything. The number one thing is that it needs to work with  what we do for the shoot or the occasion.

I’ll use fresh elements like flowers, greenery, wood, and then other elements like jewellery, beads, fabrics, wire etc... whatever I need to create the wow effect that we are looking for! 

Versace on the Floor


Hi Dahhhlings, as my #top10 2017 wedding series continues I want to talk about this sexy stylized shoot we did (amidst a crazy wedding season of course)  so its not really a wedding but it was  most definelty inspired by a wedding. And not just any wedding. I mean, I do weddings all year round, I do them in every season, for every budget, for every theme and pallets imaginable. But one thing I noticed in 2017 was that there was an increase in “lunch” weddings, couples want more options  then just to have a party and a dinner ( not that there is anything wrong with that) but people want options. 

So venues got smart and started to offer Fridays and Sundays and Day time weddings etc... not besides the different days of the week, now there are different vibe to the wedding too. This stylized shoot was designed to show just that.  There were two main ideas for this shoot - (one) was to have two brides ( I felt I saw 2 men more often then 2 women when it came to LGBT weddings) and (second) idea for this shoot was that it was a day time / cocktail style wedding. So forget the wine and the heavy dinner, here lay a fun totally sexy get together ( I mean who doesn’t want to wear a gown at day time lol ) surrounded by tons of bubbly, cocktail style bite sized desserts and instead of your traditional wedding cake there were gaudy donut walls more champagne and espresso of course!

So this is how I imagined it - guests would come inside a cocktail space furnished in gorgeous lounge furniture - candles  everywhere - its all about leisure and comfort yet looking Uber sexy as you do this. A huge  bar is there for you to get any drink you desire, ( mimosas proffered but then again its 5 o’clock somewhere right????) and of course as you talk, lounge, congratulations and eat, you have a stunning backdrop to take photos a la Vanity Fair.  I mean common !!!   I think that for couples that have less then 100 people - could totally pull this off and make it so utterly theirs with unique details and customer anything really. Its  like a brunch,almost - but a bit elevated. 

I think I’m gonna start a trend, what you guys think? Sexy cocktail style weddings, yup.

That’s it! :)  

This was a huge success, but a huge success take a huge team to put this whole thing together.  I am beyond thankful for the whole team and all the effort every one put here - 1000 % - this shoot was truly something special as Elegant Wedding Magazine actually put it on their 2018 Cover !!! WHAT !! YES AND YES.   And You can grab a copy at your local Indigo !!! like omg.         I know - we are so so thrilled. 

There is truly a special feel to this type of wedding,  I tell my clients all the time, when I enter into your space / reception/ hall whatever, what inside of it will tell me oh my god this is totally like so and so wedding?  ... right? Like what is it in the ambiance, what is it in the air that made it so YOU??   Hence this shoot right. I think that is the only way to do a wedding ohhhhh #micdrop

Below is the sexy cover, you can take a look and then the rest of the shoot - hope you enjoy it darlings


xoxo Margo


#Top10 2017 Weddings - KLEENEX LOVE


Hi guys, its so nice to be back talking to you about all things beautiful. I missed writing, really truly and since our last blog we have so many unique and creative projects happening, as well as been meeting amazing people and  seeing stunning new spaces and places that I feel I simply must share with you.

So here I am thinking of where to start this off once again and I started looking into our 2018 season - and I thought you  you know what? I cannot  do it this without first looking back at our top 10 most sexy weddings of 2017.

Enter Kleenex Wedding.

And this is what happens when you get hired by Kleenex to take their social media ads to a whole new level. So here the scoop, my friend Nadin  spoke of our company to the creative team at her work (she works at an ad agency) She maybe have mentioned that we kinda mastered the #flowerwall movement and can make pretty much anything out of anything. ( we kinda are known as the mother of all installers) 

So next this you know, we start talking about their concept and  basically started working on their Summer Wedding season Commercial. What they wanted to create is some sort of a statement piece  or a wall for it but the key was that the product we used/ the flowers   (well at least 90% of the material ) had to be made out of Kleenex flowers and some greenery. I was like okayyyyyyyyy let me think about it for a second  (cause before I say anything I want to make sure that I got the construction down, right???) So anyway after a long daligation and back and forth we narrowed it down to a huge 10’x 13’ floral wall at the head table (yeezy influence in the house or what, ginormous white flower wall it is) 

So lets cut to the chase, it took me and my team 3 weeks to construct this wall, we did it in parts, I think in total we had 4 panels. We first constructed the tissues florals, glues, stapled, wired, you name it we did it ( man those were some hard core wrist action) so yes after 3 weeks it was all done and ready for installation. But to make things more exiting, I’m kinda known to take it to the next level, after all the combination of the silk flowers, the Kleenex roses and the faux greenery, we decided to add vertical Fresh White phelaenopsis orchids that would literally drip down off of the wall.  The texture on that wall was so juicy and delicious even though  all textures were all white! 

We had other Kleenex touches throughout the wedding, like for example we had individual Kleenex packages put in white boxes with a little Thank you note on them. And for the purpose of continuity we placed some  Kleenex roses inside the live low floral centerpieces on the guests tables as well.

This project was by far one of my top 10 highlights of 2017 -  I had to write about it as not only  the couple became very special to my heart  and we literally became family and continue to work on their special event together,  my whole team had a blast putting the room together for Ali and Rhonda, and I am so thankful for that experience. 

So to take away anything from this would be:  

1) anything can be made out of anything. LOLZ. legit.  

2) an all white wedding can never, ever, ever be out of style. 

3) I believe and strongly recommend  that brides surround themself with the right Event Design Team on their wedding day as literally magic can happens on the most important day of your life, trust them and leave it up to the professionals to guide our vision on to the space. 

You can stroll down to see all the unique details of the florals them self, the head table and wedding design in general.  And in the end  of course we put the beautiful video for you guys  to watch,  hope you enjoy it!!! 

Another Wedding Design complete - check

xoxo Margarita Oudalova  

Event Design, Productionj & Styilng: OUDALOVA Events & Design Inc Wedding Venue: The Manor by Peter and Paul Dress: Ferre Sposa Bridal


Did you know that Valentines day counts as the second most popular date to propose? Have you planned your proposal yet?  We strive to always go above and beyond when we design proposals - so If you (or maybe someone you know)  were considering to do it this Feb 14th 2018, don't hesitate to contact us  and we will make it super special and beautiful - Some images below of our stunning ROSA BOX that you can purchase right at our  online shop  and place the ring inside - for the major surprise element.  let us know how we can make it special for you,  xoxo Margarita Oudalova     Photos by  @summitartworks             

Did you know that Valentines day counts as the second most popular date to propose? Have you planned your proposal yet?

We strive to always go above and beyond when we design proposals - so If you (or maybe someone you know)  were considering to do it this Feb 14th 2018, don't hesitate to contact us  and we will make it super special and beautiful - Some images below of our stunning ROSA BOX that you can purchase right at our online shop and place the ring inside - for the major surprise element.

let us know how we can make it special for you,

xoxo Margarita Oudalova


Photos by @summitartworks






When people tell me “Margarita you are so passionate about what you do!” - It sometimes catches me by surprise as I don’t think you live any other way, especially in the creative field. The power you yield to do anything on your basic day, is ONLY due to the passion you have for your art/craft/idea. This video took me to that place where I not only felt the art come out on the screen but I felt the passion the director has to his craft, its such a pleasant feeling, that you get it, because its real and wholesome.  

I mean beside me trying not to go crazy on Nov 2nd at my local H&M - this caught my attention of course via its floral language - you talk to me with flowers right? But you already knew that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, this is when my #fashionworld collides with my #floralworld and I’m on cloud 9, check ou the magical video below the images and let me know what you think.